‘The Vampire Diaries’: Caroline’s Downward Spiral Brings Stefan Down Too

Caroline and Stefan have both turned off their emotions, let the chaos ensue.

Caroline and Stefan have both turned off their emotions, let the chaos begin.

If Caroline turning off her emotions wasn’t bad enough, Stefan has now turned off his emotions too. I get that he was trying to save Sarah, but everything he’s done to help the situation has made it ten times worse and this is like 100 times worse.

Things didn’t start out so terrible. Caroline had a chance to kill Liam, but instead, let him live. Of course that was only because it would have been inconvenient for her to kill him. This led her to make a deal with Elena and Bonnie, not to kill anyone and in return she would have one year of no pain or remorse. It was actually not a bad deal.

The catch was if anyone tried to get her to turn back on her emotions, she would retaliate. She certainly stuck to her word.

I get that they all wanted to try to get her to turn back on her emotions, but they really should have been more creative. It took Damon killing Matt to get Elena to turn on her emotions, of course Matt had the ring on so he wasn’t truly dead, but Elena thought he was. So why did Stefan think telling Caroline how he really felt was going to work? It ended up making things much worse.

Bonnie is finally back!

Bonnie is finally back!

She compelled Liam to do surgery on Sarah Salvatore. This was a lot more vindictive than just going on a killing spree. She was determined to kill the one person that Stefan had vowed to protect. Plus she was ruining Liam’s life in the process.

Luckily Stefan had a weird conversation with Liam earlier when he told him to be honest. This worked to find out where they were. Elena ran off to find them, but not before Caroline told Stefan to turn off his emotions to save Sarah.

When it seemed like Elena wouldn’t find them in time, he told Elena. “bring me back.”

Elena was able to get to Liam before he killed Sarah, but not before Stefan shut it off.

How are they possibly going to bring back Caroline and Stefan? This is going to be very, very bad.

It’s not easy bringing Stefan back from his ripper self and now we find out that it’s genetic. His own mother is a ripper too.

When Bonnie returned we found out that Lily Salvatore was stuck in another prison world, in 1903. Damon went into a deep denial and couldn’t believe that the woman in the video was his mother. He asked Kia if it was possible, he replied with a yes, and Damon still didn’t want to believe it. So he dug up his mother’s grave to find an empty coffin.

Damon was in denial when he found out his mother his still alive in a prison world.

Damon was in denial when he found out his mother was still alive and in a prison world.

Damon wanted to go to the prison world to find out the truth. Kai wanted something in return, of course. He wanted to apologize to Bonnie, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Damon being Damon, didn’t take her feelings into account and still brought Kai to her to apologize.

She didn’t respond well. She was more mad than I’ve ever seen her. She showed Damon all the things that Kai did to her, but couldn’t show him the loneliness she felt when he left her there. Bonnie has not returned the same and she’s well aware of this. She called Jeremy to tell him that she’s back, but that she’s different. She doesn’t know if the new her scares her or if she likes her, but she wants to sort out herself before seeing Jeremy.

I’m glad she’s back, but I’m also glad she’s not handling her return well. Bonnie hasn’t had a great storyline in a while and I think her dealing with this trauma could be really good for her character. It will give Kat Graham a lot to work with.

Damon ruined his friendship for nothing. Kai told him that they can’t bring his mother back because she’s a ripper. Lily turned in 1858 when she faked her death and then went a little nuts. She raked up a body count of about 3,000. The Gemini coven was able to capture her in 1903 when she arrived in New York.

Damon is absolutely devastated with this news, but how will he feel when he finds out Stefan turned off his humanity?

Next week Damon is not happy that Stefan turned off his emotions and Stefan is not getting along well with Caroline. Take a look at the promo:

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