‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Earth Moves and Things Change

Meredith calls Derek only for another woman to answer. Who is she?

Meredith calls Derek only for another woman to answer. Is Derek having an affair?

Meredith is learning how to be the kick ass surgeon she is, but as soon as she wants to share it with Derek, he’s left the marriage, or so it appears.

Meredith called Derek to tell him about her 89 good outcomes streak, but Derek doesn’t answer the phone, another woman does. She assumes he’s in the lab so she asked if Derek was in the lab, but gets a confused response. So she asks, ‘who is this?’ and the woman hangs up. This wasn’t supposed to be a separation, just long distance.

Meredith is on a role though. She’s discovering she doesn’t need Derek and she can finally have a successful career that she could never have in the shadow of her husband.

Will she have to really be without Derek? If he is cheating, I would assume that would be it. It happened when he left Addison in New York and now it looks like it’s happening again. Meredith wanted him to leave so she could focus on her career. This is why you should be careful what you wish for.

She got so focused on her career, she neglected her husband. He was supposed to be D.C. doing research for the president though, so when did he have time to find another mistress?

While Meredith’s relationship may be falling apart, Maggie is moving forward. She was so afraid of saying yes to Ethan, she told Callie that there’s a gap between her and everyone else because she’s different. Callie said that’s a load of crap and she’s just scared.

Owen, Amelia, Richard and April wait for Ruby to call back.

Owen, Amelia, Richard and April wait for Ruby to call back.

Callie managed to take the leap and says yes. So she told Ethan yes and she seemed pretty happy about it. Maggie is embracing her life. She’s trying to get to know her sister and now she’s starting to date.

Ben is taking a leap as well, and getting to know his sister. At the beginning of the episode Bailey was pushing him to call his sister, something he had no intentions of doing, but after a day with Jackson, he’s changed his mind.

All he wanted was Jackson to talk about his sister’s case. He spent the whole day not understanding why their patients were wanting to change themselves. Jackson was able to explain it to him and help him have some perspective on his sister. It was nice that Jackson was able to explain what was going on, without actually talking about the case.

Owen, Amelia and Richard had the most intense day in the hospital. Owen picked up a call from an 11-year-old girl whose mother had collapsed in the earthquake and wasn’t breathing. The girl, Ruby, had tried to call 911, but it was busy. Owen had April call 911 and trace the line, but they couldn’t on a cell phone. This meant that Owen had to walk the girl through steps to save her mother. The worst was when Ruby had to stick a straw into her mother to get her to breathe.

It’s a good thing Richard was standing by and he should never feel bad about being a good teacher. He was able to explain where she needed to make the puncture, then Owen was able to get her to actually do it. After everything they were doing the mother still couldn’t breathe and her pulse was gone. Owen then had to teach her how to do CPR. They told her to sing “Staying Alive’ and push down to the rhythm of the song. The phone was running out of battery and Owen told her to keep singing and keep pushing until help came.

The phone disconnected and Owen, Amelia and Richard just kept staring at the phone hoping she would call back when help came.

The phone eventually rang and Ruby and her mother were brought to the hospital. Owen waited for Ruby to get off the helicopter and when he said her name, she ran up to him and hugged him.

Her mother then had to go into surgery. Amelia had to operate and get rid of the clot. Ruby was so worried that she did something wrong, but in the end, Amelia saved her mother.

"You play your cards right, you might just get an invite from me to join the Plastics Posse." Jackson to Ben

“You play your cards right, you might just get an invite from me to join the Plastics Posse.” Jackson to Ben

Ruby should be very proud of herself. She did the impossible for an 11-year-old. It was a very intense storyline and very emotional when Owen met the girl.

I wasn’t sure if her mother was going to make it, I was so afraid she was going to slip and kill her own mother. She was such a brave girl and it was amazing to watch her succeed.

After the intense day, Amelia and Owen ended up in an on-call room. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a hook-up in an on-call room. Back in the day many relationships started in on-call rooms and it was really nice to see ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ getting back to its roots.

Next week Meredith ponders the thought, is Derek cheating on her? Take a look at the promo:

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