Celebrating Crowley and Penguin for Friday the 13th

supernatural-season-9-poster-crowleyIn honor of Friday the 13th, I want to celebrate my two favorite villains on TV, Crowley and Penguin.

I’ve been a fan of Crowley for a very long time. I can’t remember exactly when it started, but I’m sure his accent had something to do with it and his witty comments. He was once only in charge of crossroad demons and now he’s the King of Hell. He’s come a very, very long way.

But I like the King best when he’s working with Dean and Sam, or at least when he’s on screen with them. The boys have a great chemistry together, especially Crowley and Dean.

For a while there it almost seemed like they were friends, but things have kind of fallen back into their rightful place. I wouldn’t call it their rightful place, but it is the natural order of things.

It’s a shame that Crowley’s mother’s turned him back into an enemy of Sam and Dean. Well I guess Dean kind of did too, when he gave Cass the blade.

I’m sad that I probably won’t see Crowley working with the Winchesters anytime soon. The writers better not kill him off. He’s not allowed to be killed off until the show ends. We’ve lost so many characters over the course of the series, but we can not lose Crowley. He may be a villain, but to me he’s so much more. He’s an integral part of ‘Supernatural’ and the best villain on the show after ten seasons.

gotham-poster-penguin-404x600I also think Oswald is an integral part of ‘Gotham’. He’s also more than just a villain. The Penguin is a legendary character and not an easy role for anyone to take on. Robin Lord Taylor has filled some really big shoes. He’s building the legendary Batman villain.

Oswald is very smart and cunning. He doesn’t have it all figured out yet, but he’s working his way up to the top. He had a really good muse. He watched Fish and I think he probably learned a lot from her. She’s pretty scrappy and Oswald has gotten himself out of some pretty bad situations.

He’s been beaten down, but he never gives up. We already know that he will work his way to the top, but we also know it will be a long journey. While the Penguin is growing and learning, we are getting to know him and the legendary villain he becomes.

These two men are two of the best villains on TV at the moment. They have great lines and great storylines. They have us rooting for them when were are supposed to be rooting against them.

Instead of watching Jason, Freddie or Michael this Friday the 13th, watch ‘Gotham’ or ‘Supernatural’ and enjoy these two legendary villains that are conducting their mayhem today.

Celebrate Crowley:


Celebrate Penguin:


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