‘American Crime’ is Starting the Conversation

american-crimeLast week the characters were all introduced and now the conversation can begin.

If this show doesn’t get people talking about race, I don’t know what will.

The evidence is coming in and its making even the victims look bad.

Russ is determined to find out what was going on with his son, but his ex-wife, doesn’t believe it. She calls it all lies and wants to fight against it. Because what the police are saying, couldn’t possibly be true.

She wouldn’t even talk to the second detective on the case because she’s African American.

Alonzo is having difficulties of his own. He’s mad that his son has been taken into custody and claims the police lied to him. His daughter is blaming him for what happened. She said, he wishes he was white so they would like him more and he hates them because they look like him.

He’s tried so hard to make sure his kids had a good life and didn’t get into trouble, but that appears to have back fired. Tony said that he was happy that he finally did something to make his dad mad. He also said it’s about being better than them.

Alonzo has a nice little family and there’s no reason why Tony should be in juvenile detention for being involved in a murder.

You probably would have never guessed that Matt had a lot of drugs in his house either.

Even Gwen’s case isn’t as simple as it appears. Evidence revealed that she wasn’t raped. Her parents don’t want to deal with it or accept it, just like Barbara.

This is not a clear cut case. Barbara, Tom and Eve are going to have to start accepting some hard truths as the case continues. At least Russ is trying to figure out what was going on with his son, instead of completely writing it off.

Have you checked out this new show yet? Take a look at the promo for episode two, watch the show and join the conversation.


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