‘Rizzoli and Isles’: The Suspect Hid in Plain View

Maura and Jane end the case with French wine and pizza.

Maura and Jane end the case with French wine and pizza.

This week Jane, Maura and Korsak found a man dead on the road in front of his car, but couldn’t figure out what happened. There was no sign of robbery, there didn’t appear to be any evidence to show he was run off the road and the car seemed to be running fine. So what happened?

All they could do was conjecture about what happened, drug deal, sex rendezvous?

Jane talking to the wife didn’t lead to anything, but the son, Logan, gave them their best piece of information.

Logan told Jane about a visitor his father, Todd, got. The man was yelling and didn’t leave till Todd threatened to call the police. Logan never saw the man, but said he could recognize the voice.

All of the family’s credit cards were maxed out, so that led the detectives to believe Todd borrowed money from a loan shark and that’s what go him killed.

Todd did borrow money, $15,000 from a loan shark called Chris. The shark was very corporative. He said, “dead people don’t settle their debt.” He had a good point.

To completely rule him out Korsak had him read a card for Logan to identify if he was the man. He was not.

Detective Mike Guthrie came in from Maine to share a case he came across that was similar. He believed they were searching for the same killer.

Frost's memory lives on.

Frost’s memory lives on.

While Jane and Korsak were trying to figure out how Todd died, Maura was finding some more evidence.

She found blood splatter underneath the hood of the car. Maura had worked up a theory. She said nothing and waited for the car to stall to prove her theory. She then pulled a sock out of the gas tank. Todd’s car was sabotaged by a sock. It made it easy for the killer to follow him home and wait for the car to stall.

That definitely shed some light on the case, but still no suspect.

Guthrie shared his evidence with the BPD. Susie was working on comparing both handkerchiefs, but while she was doing that, the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers came on. Susie and Frankie tried to protect the evidence, but it was ruined.

Someone had put a lit cigarette in the garbage can in the men’s room and it started a small fire. Someone had purposely set the fire to ruin the evidence.

Jane sat down with Guthrie to apologize about the evidence being ruined. Guthrie was really mad. Jane then accidentally spilled coffee on him and made him even more mad, but she didn’t accidentally spill the coffee, she did it on purpose. She was recording him so Logan could hear his voice.

Logan confirmed that he was the man. While digging, the detectives found that Guthrie and Todd went to summer camp together and Guthrie was teased really badly. He was a bed wetter, so it was brutal. Guthrie called his step father, but instead of getting sympathy, his step dad spanked him in front of anyone.

Detective Guthrie had a lot of pent up anger from his childhood.

Detective Guthrie had a lot of pent up anger from his childhood days at camp. 

There was a camp reunion two weeks ago, Guthrie didn’t attend, but Todd apparently told someone he felt really bad about what happened. They assumed that Todd might have reached out to Guthrie to apologize and that brought up a lot of old anger. This probably set him off.

Frankie was following Guthrie to make sure he didn’t kill any more his old camp friends.

He wasn’t going anywhere near the camp friend. There was also a number he had called several times that was in the direction he was heading. The man had a big rap sheet and they assumed this could be his step dad.

Guthrie stopped two blocks away from where the man lived and sat there for 45 minutes. Jane and Korsak arrived before he made a move. They suggested to Frankie moving in, but a bus drove by and Guthrie was making his move. They all got out of their cars and when the bus left, Guthrie was pointing a gun at his step dad. The step dad wasn’t a nice guy at all. He was saying Guthrie would never pull the trigger and just really teasing him and egging him on. Frankie, Korsak and Jane would have liked to let Guthrie shoot, but they had a job to do. The bad step dad got to go free and Guthrie was taken into custody.

Logan was worried about whether if he told his mother about the man that his dad would still be alive. Jane assured him that there was nothing he could have done and reminded him that he helped solve the case.

Before Logan asked about his dad, he asked about Frost’s transformer. This almost brought Jane to tears.

While the case was going on, Maura’s identity had been stolen. She got a pair of shoes in the mail from a fancy boutique that she never ordered and had a ton of catalogs even though she was supposed to be on a no junk mail list. She went to return the shoes and get them in her own size. The woman said it was mistake and was supposed to be with with the rest of the items that Dr. Isles ordered.

Maura should have gone straight to Jane, but she was impressed by the impostor’s taste and wanted to observe her. Maura found a reservation made on her credit card and took Angela to investigate. She didn’t get much of a chance to get a look at the phony Maura, because a man was having a heart attack and she jumped in to help.

Angela has taken some notes from her two kid detectives. She filmed the woman and it helped solve the case. Jane was very impressed that her mother was able to use the phone’s camera.

Susie told Jane about the identity theft before Maura came clean. Jane filled out all the paperwork for Maura.

Jane got Maura’s identity back and they had some nice French wine with pizza at the end. The impostor had ordered the wine and never picked it up.

Maura felt silly about romanticizing the phony. In the end the phony was just a con artist and Maura was the real thing.

The ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ two hour season finale is next week. You won’t want to miss it. Take a look at the promo:


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