The ‘Secrets and Lies’ Keep Coming, What is the Truth?

2363x3150The investigation continues to find out who killed Tom and Detective Cornell is still convinced that Ben is the murderer.

As the investigation goes on, so does life. The Crawfords have to continue on with their lives. Christy still has to work and so does Ben. Plus Christmas is coming up and their youngest, Abby, still wants to do everything they normally do.

Part of carrying on with life meant going to the fair. While everyone looked at Ben suspiciously and whispered, Christy says they won’t hide.

I still don’t know if Ben killed his own son, but what I do know is how stupid he’s been. If we were supposed to get to know Ben better this week, I have to say he’s pretty dumb. It’s hard to know what you would do if you were the center of a murder investigation though. A lot of what Ben does in this episode, most people would probably do too.

A lot of what Ben did this week had nothing to do with the case and all about him being a father and human.

He found out some shocking news about his daughter and acted like probably any other father would, it’s just bad that he’s the center of a media frenzy. The last secret to be revealed this week may or not be true, but he also acted very much like any other father.

It’s sad that your parental instincts can be taken the wrong way in a tricky situation.

The show is definitely aptly named. There are lot of secrets that keep being revealed and the lies keep piling up too.

I didn’t come to any conclusion on whether Ben is guilty or not. He’s certainly not looking very good at the moment though.

I really like how Ryan Phillippe is tackling this role. He’s keeping us in suspense on whether or not his character is guilty or innocent. He’s also a good father too. He cares about his daughters deeply and tries his best to protect them. The way he is with his daughters, makes me really hope he’s innocent, but he’s looking more and more guilty. At least from the outside.

KaDee Strickland is also doing a good job. She’s standing strong against the whispers and she’s standing by her man. She’s not standing by Ben in a weak way. She hasn’t forgiven him, but she’s standing tough for her girls. It’s not easy having the media watching you constantly, but she’s doing it very gracefully.

You should watch this show because the Crawfords are being tested and you get to see how each of them deal with the pressure. There’s a lot of great character development potential. I don’t know if Ben is innocent or guilty. The writers are keeping the audience in suspense for now.

If you haven’t tuned into this new miniseries, now is time to catch up. Then you can decide if you think Ben is guilty or innocent.


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