‘Revenge’: Emily’s Not Done Yet

Emily had to make yet another sacrifice to keep Jack safe.

Emily had to make yet another sacrifice to keep Jack safe.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Emily turned Jack down. Margaux is looking for her weak spot, and Jack is it.

Emily already lost Aiden because of what she does, she’s not about to lose Jack too.

Margaux is not going to stop until she ruins Emily or somehow clears Daniel’s name.

Jack said that he won’t wait, but I don’t think he understands why she’s turning him down. It’s not because she doesn’t love him, it’s because she does.

I’ve talked about how it’s time to end ‘Revenge’ and now I see that maybe this season or next season should be the end. This is the consequences of Emily’s revenge. She succeeded in clearing her father’s name and making Conrad and Victoria pay, that doesn’t come without consequences. Her revenge isn’t over till she’s safe from Margaux.

Margaux is very mad at Jack playing her.

Margaux is very mad at Jack for playing her.

I was getting really worried that Emily was going to get caught, but her and Nolan were one step ahead, as usual.

Jack probably didn’t intend to play Margaux like he did, but it worked out better than him just asking her not to reveal the video. It’s a good think Nolan talked to him first. The only problem now is that Margaux won’t even think twice about exposing Jack with Emily.

Margaux is an emotional wreck. She lost Daniel and she’s about to be a single mother, she’s not thinking clearly. I get how mad she is, but even Victoria has stopped trying to hurt Emily. It took Victoria years and losing her son to come to that conclusion though.

Emily and Margaux won’t be able to move on until Margaux is at peace with what happened. Emily will have to continue to sacrifice her life until Margaux comes to her senses.

Margaux isn’t done yet. She’s blackmailing Ben. Who wants his ex-wife and will he sell out Emily to save his ex?

Victoria is trying to move on herself. She’s trying to get her fortune back. She assumed she’d be getting Edward Grayson’s fortune, but that’s not the case. The mysterious woman, Natalie Waters, appeared last time and we had no idea who she was. She was married to Edward for four months and is now getting his inheritance.

Emily was one step ahead.

Emily was one step ahead.

I think Victoria is right, she married Edward just for the money. Why else would she get a quickie divorce and marry him right before he dies.

This is leading to a very interesting partnership. I’m not sure how I feel about Lyman and Victoria working together. We know so little about him, but he’s ready to fight for her. It should be interesting to watch this play out.

I want Victoria to get her money, but I’m hoping that it’s not true that Natalie swindled money from a patient. David appears to be taking down his guard and flirting with Natalie, so I don’t want her to be evil. He deserves to be happy.

Nolan is also finding an unlikely alliance with Louise. She helped them out with their latest scheme. It’s nice to have more people helping, but other than another partner for Nolan, I still don’t understand Louise’s role in ‘Revenge’.

I know the writers want to push the show as far as it can go, but they need to be careful of not ruining what they’ve already built too. Emily should finish up tying up loose ends and then the writers should bring the show to a close.

Next week Emily will have three take downs, who will they be? Take a look at the promo:

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