Daniel Sharman Cast in CBS Pilot

noa93fl | photobucket.com

noa93fl | photobucket.com

Daniel Sharman may not be reprising his role of Kol in ‘The Originals’, he just snagged a role on CBS’s pilot ‘LFE’.

According to Deadline, Daniel 28, has been cast as the lead in the medical drama. The show “is described as a high-octane medical procedural revolving around second-year residents at New York City’s top hospital as they attempt to balance their god complexes with their humanity.” Daniel will play a good hearted and very gifted surgical resident, Joe.

The pilot sounds a little like what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was at the beginning.

Before ‘The Originals’, Daniel also starred on ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ and the film, ‘Immortals’.

I was very upset when Kol died. I really enjoyed Daniel’s portrayal of Kol and the budding romance with Davina. Kol was much better as a witch than he ever was as a vampire. You never knew if you could trust him or not, but you really wanted to trust him.

I think Davina could actually trust him, but we will never know for sure now.

Rebekah said that she would dedicate her time in the witch’s body to finding a way to bring him back. I’m sure she will, but with Daniel’s new show, It’s unlikely that he’ll be coming back as Kol or at least not very regularly.

I’m very sad that Daniel’s time as Kol is over. I thought he was the perfect Kol and a great addition to ‘The Originals’.

On the upside, I’m happy he didn’t waste any time securing a new role.

We’ll have to wait and see how the CBS pilot does.


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