Dahlia Has Been Cast and Will Be Appearing Soon

14838Dahlia is on her way to New Orleans to claim Klaus’ first born and we finally have a face for this powerful witch.

Claudia Black (Farscape) has been cast as Dahlia, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dahlia is the sister of Esther Mikaelson. Esther couldn’t have children so she asked her powerful sister for help. The price for having a big family was a lot. She had to turnover her first born to Dahlia. Her first born was Freya.

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah assumed their sister died of the plague, but Freya is still alive, not that she’s lived a better life than her Mikaelson siblings. She’s been on the run just like them, when she hasn’t been a sleep. So she’s pretty much lived the same life as her siblings.

Klaus, Hayley and Elijah tried to hide Hope, but now that Hope is coming into her magic, its drawing Dahlia straight towards her.

Claudia, 43, is set to appear in the 16th episode this season and have a recurring role, THR said.

There’s only one more episode to go before Dahlia will be making her appearance. She’s supposed to be more powerful than Esther ever was and she’ll also be searching for Freya.

Could this be the next great villain in the Mikaelson family saga?


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