This Could be Shondaland’s Next Big Star | scalphunterfire | scalphunterfire

Mireille Enos may be the next big star on ABC. Shonda Rhimes is known for creating hit TV shows and producing stars and this lady could be her next star.

Mireille, 39, has been cast as Shonda’s leading lady in her latest show, ‘The Catch’.

According to Variety, the actress will play Alice Martin. She investigates fraud for a living. She’s not telling the whole truth to her husband to be, but he’s planned the perfect con on her. His con and her lies will collide and force them into a game of cat and mouse.

Mireille starred in ‘The Killing’ and most recently was the mom in ‘If I Stay’. She also starred alongside Brad Pitt as his wife in ‘World War Z’.

Will Mireille be the next breakout star from Shondaland? Shonda knows how to captivate the audience and ‘The Catch’ sounds like it will just draw fans in.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has lasted eleven seasons, so far, ‘Scandal’ is on its fourth season and ‘HTGAWM’ was a breakout hit. She knows the recipe for a great show, so the likely hood of ‘The Catch’ being a hit is high.

If ‘The Catch’ gets picked up as a series, Shonda will have four shows on ABC.


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