Shorty Awards Nominates The best of TV in Social Media

tumblr_inline_niooeuXYZa1sfmlq0The Shorty Awards are honoring some talented people from TV Land this year, Shonda Rhimes, Ian Somerhalder and ‘Supernatural’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Shorty Awards celebrates the best across social media platforms. The awards were founded and produced by Sawhorse Media and honors content in sports, journalism, fashion, humor and more. The nominations are determined by a board of journalists and tweeted nominations by social media users.

The 7th Annual Shorty Awards will be held at the New York Times Center and available to live stream at

‘Supernatural’ have quite a bit of nominations this year. The show itself was nominated for the TV Show category, and Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins were nominated for Actor of the Year. Follow @JensenAckles@mishacollins and @cw_spn to see just why they were nominated. Jensen, Misha and the show’s twitter are bringing fans closer to their favorite show.

Shonda is also very in tune with her fans while working on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Scandal’ and ‘How Do Get Away With Murder’. It’s no wonder why she was singled out in the directors category with six other social media addicts. Follow @shondarhimes to get all the dirt about #TGIT.

Ian got singled out for a very different reason than his fellow TV people. He got nominated for his dedication to promoting a #Green world. The nominees for the #Green category “share the latest scientific findings, advocate for green policy and have a general love for the Earth and those on it,” according to the Shorty Awards website.

Ian has his own foundation, The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, that wants to positively impact the earth and creators on earth. Follow @iansomerhalder to see how you can get involved.

Something tells me that Ian will be more honored by being nominated in the #Green category than the #Actors category.

Tune in on April 20 to see who wins!


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