‘Nashville’: Love is Not Always Kind

Ryana takes the news of Deacon's cancer about as well as expected.

Ryana takes the news of Deacon’s cancer about as well as we could have expected.

Deacon finally told Rayna about his cancer and it was just as heartbreaking as we could imagine.

The next hard part will be telling Maddie. Since Rayna took it that bad, how is Maddie going to take it? I’m not looking forward to seeing Maddie’s face when they finally tell her.

Scarlett lost it this week. She has no one to talk to about Deacon and she just can’t handle it. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t be able to either. Poor Scarlett ruined her date because she was so nervous and had nothing else on her mind.

Rayna and Deacon's reunion on the Opry stage was very moving.

Rayna and Deacon’s reunion on the Grand Old Opry stage was very moving.

She bounced back from it pretty quickly though. She invited Caleb to come see her and the band perform. Yeah sure it’s a bit weird that she’s in a band with two of her exes, but they really make a good team. And they killed it on stage. They were able to secure six more tour dates! Gunnar is finally breaking in and Scarlett is feeling more comfortable on stage.

I really enjoyed Gunnar working so hard to come up with a band name. It showed how important this is to him. Avery tried jumping in, but neither of them could come up with a suitable name. That is until Caleb came in and said, so these are the exes. That made a light go off for Gunner and he came up with The Triple Exes, definitely sums up what they are.

The Conrad sisters made their Opry debut!

The Conrad sisters made their Opry debut!

Gunnar wasn’t the only one making his big debut, The Conrad sisters made their Opry debut. They were incredible. They are always incrediblele when they get on stage, but there was something magical about them being up there. Maybe it helped that Deacon was on guitar. It was a family affair.

It was sad watching Luke look on. I was proud of him though. He put his son first and brought him to the Opry to see Maddie. He’s also really working hard to develop Will as an artist. He set Will up with a top song writer in the business, Kevin. Will freaked out at first because Kevin is openly gay. He even resisted working with him when they sat down to write. I think he was afraid that Kevin was going to figure it out. But even if he did, does he really think Kevin would out him? If anything Kevin could help him figure out how to go public.

The Triple Exes! They finally have a name and a huge gig!

The Triple Exes! They finally have a name and a huge gig!

Is it just me or could their be a romance brewing? After Kevin broke through and found something real, they were able to write a song and I can’t wait to hear it. I really think I saw some sparks there.

Kevin and Will might be a couple we are rooting for soon, but one I am still rotting for his Scarlett and Gunnar and he clearly still has feelings for her. The way he looked at Scarlett and Caleb kissing said it all. I was hoping these two would find their way back together, but for now I am enjoying Scarlett’s budding relationship with Caleb.

She wanted to put her ex-husband behind her, but instead she's embracing it to help other women.

She wanted to put her ex-husband behind her, but instead she’s embracing it to help other women.

Sadie’s story is still going strong. As I watched her see the woman killed by her husband, I knew she was going to take a stand. She’s in a position to help women every where by being a spokeswoman. If she can fight back and break free, then other woman are going to feel strong enough to do the same. I’m very proud of her for taking a stand, but what is her ex-husband going to do now? Is he going to hit back?

Layla is making her mark, even when causing some waves. Bucky was not happy about her going behind their back, but was happy with the outcome. Bucky is now going to give her the attention that she deserves. Jeff is a smart man and he’s finally using his smarts for a good cause. But he’s right that he should stay out of the lime light for a little. That could hurt Layla’s progress.

Teddy is in bad position. As I said last week his secret is out and now it’s a matter of time before the police approach him. How will he handle the fallout?

We will have to wait a little before we see what’s next for Rayna and Deacon. On March 25, the stars of ‘Nashville’ will be performing in front of a live audience at the Grand Old Opry! Take a look:


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