‘Rizzoli and Isles’: Get a Little Help from a P.I.

Korsak, Jane and Frankie went in to save the P.I.

Korsak, Jane and Frankie went in to save the P.I.

It’s nice that ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ keeps coming up with fresh ideas. They’ve never worked with a P.I. before and it was very entertaining to watch.

I have a little soft spot for P.I.s from ‘ Veronica Mars’. I was glad that mind sight of P.I.s had slightly changed by the end. Jerry did help them solve the case after all.

All seemed like a simple run of the mill case till they ran into Jerry and questioned the victim’s wife. Jerry seemed guilty because he was at the crime scene when the victim died and the wife disappeared after her husband’s death. It all seemed like a clean investigation. But we know that’s never the case.

When Korsak interviewed the accountant, she would say something that would set the tone for the rest of the case. She told the detective that the guy was the most honest person she knew.

For the rest the case it seemed like the victim was involved in something bad, but that wasn’t quiet the case. He had found out that people he was doing business with were dealing drugs. He was determined to get evidence on them and expose them. His honesty is what unfortunately led to his death.

All of his secrecy led to his wife calling Jerry because she thought he was having an affair.

Maura has a little bit of a problem with stress shopping.

Maura has a little bit of a problem with stress shopping.

While Jerry was in custody he used the evidence he collected to create a timeline. This not only gave him an alibi, but also gave Jane a great piece of information. They found some of the evidence that the victim had gathered. This wasn’t a smoking gun, but it did confirm their suspicions.

They brought the accountant back in when they realized she had worked for the company dealing drugs. She definitely knew more than she was letting on.

Jerry kept calling Jane, but she refused to answer. Finally Nina picked up and gave Jane the phone. Good thing she did, Jerry was being chased down and on Face Time they saw him taken.

They were able to get the accountant to tell them where they could have taken Jerry. Jane, Korsak and Frankie went in with S.W.A.T. Jerry saw them and was able to get  a confession before B.P.D. announced themselves.

Korsak was still not convinced that P.I.s could be trusted, Jane on the other hand found a new respect for them, well at least for Jerry.

One of the things I love about this show is that along with the cases, their lives are still going on. Angela was enjoying her new money and was going a little over board with the spending. Jane was of course worried about her. Maura volunteered to talk to Angela. Turns out she wasn’t the best person to be giving advice.

And you won't believe some of the things she bought.

And you won’t believe some of the things she bought.

Maura had a secret splurge closest. Apparently she’s a stress shopper. Angela pulled out everything from the closet to make her point. Jane also came clean about the credit card debt she accumulated when she first joined the force. Her worry was because of her own experience.

Maura and Angela came to their senses. Maura returned or donated a lot of what she bought and Angela cut up two of the credit cards and planned to pay the other one off each month. They still splurged for a nice Italian meal at the end, because you should treat yourself occasionally.

Frankie was having his own idiot moment. He was flirting with firearm instructor and failed his first exam just to to flirt with her. Then failed the second one because he was distracted by her.

Jane was called in to keep the instructor occupied, but when Maura asked what was going on, Frankie looked like a bigger idiot.

Maura and Jane walked over to say hi to her and Maura asked how the wife and kids were. Frankie couldn’t believe it and was finally able to shoot properly. Sometimes you wonder how Frankie made detective, he’s always so interested in girls.

Jane and Maura are up against a tough opponent next week. He ruins their evidence and leaves them with nothing. Take a look at the promo:


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