‘The Following’: The New Blood is an Old Nemesis

A message directed at Ryan, Mike and Max.

A message directed at Ryan, Mike and Max.

‘The Following’ is back and it’s better than ever.

Joe is sitting on death row, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot hanging over from the Joe years.

Season three open’s with Gina’s wedding and just about everyone is extremely happy. Ryan is in a relationship with Gwen and talking about moving in together. Max is also in a relationship and is smiling like we’ve never seen her smile before. Mike walks into the reception and when he spots Max with her new boyfriend, he doesn’t look so happy, but neither does Max when she spots him.

There’s still feelings between them and that gives fans hope that these to will find their way back to each other.

Gina, Ryan and Max’s happiness was short lived. A waiter lunged at Ryan and threw what looked to be blood on him. Both brides got splashed as well. The waiter said he killed his daughter Sherri. Security grabbed him, but Ryan said to tell him go, big mistake.

This is where the message starts to come clear.

This is where the message starts to come clear.

Ryan finds out who the man’s daughter was. She was a causality in the hunt for Joe. She was one of his followers. Ryan feels bad for her death and goes to see her parents, only to find out that the man who attacked him at the wedding, was not her father.

While this is going on, a new plot is already underway. A poor couple celebrating their second anniversary propositions a prostitute only to get killed. The prostitute was really a blond girl named Daisy. Her and her boyfriend, Kyle, stage the couple into a scene of Gisele’s death and write on the wall, Ryan Hardy lies, in blood. All of this means nothing at this point. Except for the fact the Ryan has been called a liar twice in about 24 hours. Ryan knew this was a message and that the killers weren’t done yet, because they didn’t know what the message was.

A rare smile from Max before chaos ensues.

A rare smile from Max before chaos ensues.

They figure out who the grieving father is and go to his home, only to find another orchestrated scene and the message, Max Hardy lies.

Max comments on how familiar the scene feels and Ryan says it’s because they lived it. It’s when Luke was about to kill Mike and Max killed Luke. Ryan knew the next scene would be of Lily’s death. They lied about how Lily died because Mike killed her in cold blood.

There was a few flashbacks to catch us up with where we are in present day. One of them was of the Congressional Hearing about Ryan’s hunt for Joe. They found no criminal wrong doing, but didn’t want his methods to go unnoticed.

Ryan was trying hard to stop the last scene from being constructed, but they were too late. The scene laid out what really happened and said: ‘While you lie, more will die. ‘ How will the three of them explain the scene and will they come clean to stop the deaths?

Ryan starts and end the episode happy, which is uncharacteristic of him. Maybe this relationship can push through.

Ryan starts and ends the episode happy, which is uncharacteristic of him. Maybe this relationship can push through all of his bad luck.

Max is seen drinking at the end and Ryan calls his girlfriend, after he tried to push her away earlier. Now he wants to hold her close.

They didn’t come up completely empty-handed when trying to thwart the last death. Ryan was able to catch Andrew, the grieving father. Andrew can cry at a drop of a hat and snap out of it just as quick. He was the subject of another flashback, he’s the person Mark called to help him after Luke was killed.

Like Joe, he says Ryan has no idea what’s coming. Ryan doesn’t seem intimidated at all by Andrew’s words, but Andrew continues to pull at Ryan’s guilt.

Ryan is seen later looking over all the people who died in the hunt for Joe. He can’t seem to let go of the causalities.

Daisy tries to run off, but Kyle calms her down. This plan is bigger than Mark. It’s Daisy and Kyle’s job to make sure Mark doesn’t know what this is really about.

It’s not surprising that Mark is not the master mind of the plan. He’s completely lost it. He now has dual personalities and one of them is of his brother Luke. He’s constantly talking to himself as his brother. It’s really scary to watch and you might even feel a little bad for him. He lost his brother and his mother and he can’t handle it. Ryan may assume that Daisy, Kyle and Andrew are the followers of Mark, but that may not actually be the case.

Max and Mike have been forced back together in not just the hunt for Mark, but because of their lies. In the field they seem to be working fine together so far, but it’s clear from the flashback that things are not good between them. Eleven months ago Mike went off to search for Mark and possibly kill him. Max begged him to stay, but he couldn’t let his father’s death go and was convinced this was his fight. They might have worked through it, except Max told Mike not to call her when he lands. It appears that he listened to her.

The final scene was of Mark pretending to have dinner with his brother, but looking into a mirror of a constructed mannequin, which he did earlier in the episode too. He’s excited for the next day, because “one of them is going to die.” This is where episode one leaves you.

Which one is going to die? ‘The Following’ likes its cliffhangers and we’ll have to wait till next week to find out if they all make it out alive. Though coming clean may be the way to save them. Take a look at the promo:


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