‘Gotham’: Everyone has a Cobblepot to be Uesed Against Them

Gordon has climbed high, but did he cross a line to get there?

Gordon has climbed high, but did he cross a line to get there?

Gordon walked a very fine line this week. He was outraged when Flass got let off and he was determined to take him down. That wasn’t going to be easy, especially when he found out that Bullock testified to clear Flass’s name.

Loeb had dirt on all the cops in the GCPD and that’s how he controls them all. Dent and Gordon reason if they find the dirt, they can control Loeb.

Dent had the idea to talk to Loeb’s old partner because of the bond partners have. It was a good idea, but they didn’t execute it very well. They were set up and got ambushed, Bullock came to the rescue. He took another shot at Loeb’s former partner and this time got some information. Loeb and Falcone were in on it together.

Ms. Kringle played with Nygma's heart.

Ms. Kringle played with Nygma’s heart.

Finding out where the files were stashed was the next step. Who else would talk to Gordon, but Oswald? He decided to use the odd relationship they’ve created.

Oswald was very easy to negotiate with. All he wanted was a favor from Jim, no questions asked, and five minutes alone with the files, and to take whatever he wanted. Not too bad of a deal, but that favor is a red flag. Gordon sold his soul to fight corruption. Will he regret it later?

Penguin led them to a farm, but what they found there was not what they expected. It was Loeb’s daughter, Miriam. A lot of people thought Loeb killed his own wife, but it turns out it was his daughter. It wasn’t her fault though, she’s not well.

Fish's storyline is intense at the moment.

Fish’s storyline is intense at the moment.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but Gordon was able to use this information to get Flass trialled. He wanted all of the files, but the only one Loeb would hand over was Bullock’s. Not a bad compromise though. Gordon wanted one more thing. He wanted Loeb to back him for the President of the police union position. Gordon has climbed his way up, but was the price worth it?

Bullock said that you tell yourself that the one bad thing will be worth it because of all the good you will do will make-up for it, but it doesn’t. He also said to be careful of Penguin’s favor. I think Bullock was a little upset about what Gordon had to do to succeeded. He may knock Gordon for his ways, but in reality he respects him for it.

Elsewhere Bruce was figuring out why Alfred was almost killed and he figured it out really fast. He knew it had to do with his meeting with his parents’ company. He wants to track down Reggie all by himself. Cat stopped by the hospital and offered her condolences and help, but Bruce wants to walk this path alone. Why doesn’t he just tell Gordon? I get that he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but Gordon is trained for this.

There will be no escaping for Fish. What will be her plan B?

There will be no escaping for Fish. What will be her plan B?

Fish was making headway of her own. I knew she wouldn’t be going back to the basement, but everything that has unfolded since she left the basement, is amazing. After she scooped out her own eye, Dr. Dullmacher gave Fish a new eye, a bright blue one.

She wasn’t done working her way out of the basement. She had to prover herself to the doctor first and she did that very easily. What she didn’t expect was that they were in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean. If she was thinking of escaping, that’s not a viable option.

It’s a good thing things have calmed down a little in Gotham, because the show won’t be back till April 13. There’s only four more episodes left of this season. You won’t want to miss them. Take a look at the promo:


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