Has Emily and Jack’s Time Finally Come?

When ‘Revenge’ returns on Sunday, Jack will finally confess his feelings for Emily. We’ve all known they’ve been there, but he’s just never had the chance to tell her.

Emily was going to tell Jack how she felt at the end of season one, but Amanda was pregnant. At that point Jack didn’t know she that was the real Amanda, but their connection sparked as soon as she appeared in the Hamptons.

They’ve really had a rough road to where they are now. They were really good friends as kids, but after David was taken to prison, they were ripped apart. Then when Emily came back to town she couldn’t let him know her true identity. Then Amanda came into town and Jack thought he had found his long lost friend.

Jack felt betrayed and angry when Emily finally revealed her identity. He didn’t agree at all with what she was doing. It took a long time for him to accept her plan and for them to become friends again. Emily’s been trying to keep him out of it, but he keeps dragging himself back in. He even saved her life and risked his police career to protect her. Though later he couldn’t stand the guilt.

For me I was always a fan of Aiden and Emily. In the love triangle I had chosen Aiden, though I have yet to find another person to choose Aiden over Jack. Clearly that wasn’t the writers’ intentions, since they killed him off.

I thought Aiden was a better fit because they bonded over a common goal and understood what the other was going through. Along with Nolan, he always knew who Emily really was and called her Amanda quite often. I was very disappointed when Aiden was killed off, not just because they wouldn’t end up together, but because I really liked his character.

When ‘Revenge’ last aired we saw Emily going into Ben’s apartment and kissing him. Unfortunately, Jack had to see this happen. As much as I have enjoyed another cute guy on the show, I didn’t really like the writers putting in another love triangle. Especially when I feel the show should be wrapping up.

After all this time does Emily still love Jack? We don’t have long to wait now to find out. I’m not sure if the writers will want to put them together just yet. This relationship may be the end game, but it might not be the time for them now.

On Sunday we will find out what Emily’s response will be. Do you think it’s finally Emily and Jack’s time? Will they ever get a happily ever after?


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