Julie Plec’s ‘Cordon’ Casts Leads, ‘TVD’ Star

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

Julie Plec’s pilot is coming along. A lot lot of casting decisions  have been made and the show is starting to take form.

A face you will recognize is ‘The Vampire Diaries” psychopath Kai. Julie has cast Chris Wood to play Jake, Entertainment Weekly reported.

David Gyasi from ‘Interstellar’ and Christina Moses have been cast as the leads in ‘Cordon’. Kristen Gutoskie has also been cast.

David will play Major Alex Carnahan, but will go by the name Lex. He’s a police major in Atlanta and is a “loyal and good-hearted police officer.” Lex is responsible of maintaining the quarantined area.

EW reveled that Lex “must constantly choose between what’s right and what’s necessary.”

Christina will play Lex’s girlfriend, Jana. She’s capable, but also trapped inside an office high-rise. She becomes the leader and helps keep people safe.

Your favorite psychopath will be playing Jake, “a former renegade turned cop.” His first instinct is to save himself, but he finds himself helping others too.

This sounds like a very different role for Chris. So I’m guessing Kai won’t be sticking around Mystic Falls for too much longer. He’ll have new problems to deal with soon.

Now we have character descriptions and faces for the characters. ‘Cordon’ is really starting to come together. Julie has seen success with ‘TVD’ and ‘The Originals’. I’m sure fans are expecting a lot from this show. It’s a different world and a different set of characters. It should be interesting to watch how the show plays out.

Stay tuned to hear more updates on Julie’s new show.


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