‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Amelia Prepares as Nicole Races Against Time

Nicole was about to go under the knife when the episode ended.

As the episode came to an end, Dr. Herman was preparing to go under the knife.

We heard about the innovative surgery that Amelia was going to perform on Nicole, and then the episode ended right as she’s going into surgery. We are left with such a big cliffhanger.

I hope the writers are going to show the whole surgery. I’m sure it isn’t going to go smoothly. I’m okay with that though. I want to see Amelia push boundaries and figure out what to do under pressure. I want to see her succeed. I don’t want her to be the other Dr. Shepherd or the wrong Dr. Shepherd. I want her to get out of her brother’s shadow.

When Amelia was in L.A. she could stand alone, but now that she’s back in Seattle, people think of Derek first. Even Callie had to bring up Derek. I understand she’s worried about Arizona, but Amelia is an amazing doctor. Don’t be messing with her confidence right before she goes into surgery, ask medical and technical questions.

Amelia is really stressing out about how to not just save Nicole, but make sure she’s all still there when she’s done. This is the hardest surgery she’s ever done and it’s never been done before. I think she should have called Derek and talked it over with him. I get that she doesn’t want to be seeking advice from him. But I think a brain storming session of the two Dr. Shepherds would be amazing. Imagine what could come out of that conversation. They are both brilliant doctors.

Amelia spent the episode talking about what she's about to do.

Amelia spent the episode talking about how she would tackle her innovative surgery.

Amelia is about to do her best to save Nicole’s life and Nicole hasn’t exactly been easy to work with. She’s not a good patient. But as she lay down for the surgery, she was ready. Not for the surgery, but ready to die. Nicole seemed confident in Arizona’s skills and ready leave her legacy behind.

It was fun watching Nicole and Arizona saving babies and having a laugh. Arizona needed that and so did Nicole. Nicole was so stern and mean when we first met her and Arizona had a heart of a child when we were first introduced to her. Nicole needed to have some fun and Arizona needed to get back to her roots.

It must be so difficult working under such time restraints. Nicole had to teach Arizona in less time than she expected. She wanted to share all the information she could, so Arizona could carry on saving babies.

The one thing that can be bad about having so many characters in a show, is that you can’t utilize them in every episode. Alex, Meredith and Maggie were only seen once and it mostly consisted about sex and grooming.

Nicole was racing against time to get to as many surgeries as possible.

Nicole was racing against time to get to as many surgeries done as possible. And pass on her knowledge.

Owen and Richard were seen a little more. Owen brought Amelia a coffee, but she didn’t need any distractions. Which is understandable when you are trying to tackle a tumor like Nicole’s. Owen’s a little worried about Amelia. And I’m sure her talking about her doubt didn’t help, but he did say she could talk to him.

Richard has confidence that the surgery will go well, but says it will be a learning opportunity even if it doesn’t.

Callie actually got some rare screen time with Arizona, where she told her how worried she was about her. At first I thought it was just jealousy, but as I saw Callie’s face in the lecture, it was a lot more than that.

I’m really nervous about the surgery too. Not that I don’t have complete faith in Amelia, because I do. But even the best of surgeons can face unforeseen complications and sometime’s they just can’t save their patient. It’s not going to be an easy surgery. I’m looking forward to watching Amelia work, but I will be on the edge of my seat for the entire surgery.

Next week Amelia will perform the procedure and there’s no telling if she can pull it off. Take a look at the promo:


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