‘Nashville’: Everyone was Picking Up the Pieces After Edgehill Fell Apart

The band is back together!

The band is back together!

Edgehill came crumbling down and everything was for sale. There were a lot of artists up for grabs. Rayna and Bucky had different opinions on who they should sign.

Rayna decided to make Bucky her A&R guy. She trusted him completely and sent him off to get new artists for them. He asked her what they were looking for, but she was convinced they had the same vision, not to so much.

I’m so happy that Layla is getting a better storyline. She has something to say now and Highway 65 is the best place for her. I actually think Jeff being her manager is a great idea too. When Jeff was head of Edgehill he was soulless, but there’s something about Layla that brings his love of music out. He really has her best interests at heart. He doesn’t like Rayna, but he knew that was a good place for her.

I admired Layla’s determination to stay all day and wait. Though, if it wasn’t for Jeff giving her that last little push, she would have left. For whatever reason, these two are a great team.

I actually felt bad when Luke let Jeff go before they even began their company. I was more surprised at my reaction. He’s been horrible since he appeared on ‘Nashville’, so why am I feeling bad for him? Things ended up working in his favor though.

Teddy was so worried, he walked right into a trap.

Teddy was so worried, he walked right into a trap.

There was a lot of music this week and the best was when Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery got back on stage. Are they actually going to make this a permanent thing? Avery is back in the studio again, so what does that mean for the band? Scarlett really needs this. She’s at her best on stage with them.

If they are going to sign anywhere, they should check with Rayna first before going anywhere else. This is just my bias talking, because I want Rayna to have all the best artists.

I also want Scarlett to open up to Gunnar. Deacon can’t be mad at her for opening up to someone. I mean without even knowing what the problem was, Gunnar was able to cheer her up. I want them to end up together in the end, but I’m enjoying what great friends they are right now.

I’m also excited to see her new relationship with Caleb. He’s really been there for her while Deacon is struggling. It was about time someone told her that Deacon’s situation is not her responsibility. She’s taken on his cancer like it’s her own. She needs to live her own life too.

In the end it wasn’t Scarlett who got Deacon to make a decision, it was Will. Will came to Deacon for advice on where to sign and this helped Deacon make his own choice. He was having such difficulty with the decision, neither was a sure thing, so he took it out on Avery. He just wanted to have control somewhere. After he made the choice he was able to go back into the studio and help Avery and Sadie with Avery’s vision.

Rayna was definitely the better person when Luke and her ran into each other for the first time.

Rayna was definitely the better person when Luke and her ran into each other for the first time.

Will chose to sign with Luke because Jeff was on board, but what will he do now that Jeff is out? He hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, so technically he could still get out of it. I think Will should have taken Deacon’s first suggestion, sign with Highway 65.

There’s a lot of music and business deals being made, but Juliette isn’t doing much of anything lately. Hayden Panettiere has been nominated for two Golden Globes for her role as Juliette, but the storyline isn’t speaking to her talent at the moment. She spent the episode feeling fat and struggling to feel comfortable in her own skin for a Vogue photo shoot. Hayden has so much more depth than this, so it’s sad that this is all the writers are doing for her. Now that the actress has given birth, hopefully Juliette and Avery’s baby will be coming soon and then the writers can give her a better storyline.

At the moment Sadie has been the one with the strong storyline. Laura Benanti is just doing an amazing job. She finally opened up to Rayna about her ex-husband and Rayna helped her close that chapter in her life, well hopefully. Rayna threatened Pete after the settlement was closed. I don’t understand why Pete would hang around after he gets his money anyways. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from Sadie, she has a lot to say. 

Teddy was freaking out for the entire episode and he just ended his own career. He tried so hard to get a hold of Jeff and finally sat down with him. Jeff has no intentions on outing him, but that doesn’t mean Benton won’t. I don’t see why a big business man has any reason to gossip about Teddy’s transgressions, but it scared Teddy so much that he went to Natasha’s house. She is being watched and now Teddy doesn’t have to worry about Jeff or Benton, he just exposed himself.

Next week things are looking good between Rayna and Deacon, but will he tell her? Take a look at the promo:


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