Excited to See Brian Austin Green in a New Show

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

I was a huge fan of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and it’s still one of my most watched shows. David Silver was one of my favorite characters and I loved the David and Donna relationship.

Brian Austin Green, 41, has been cast in a comedy pilot on FOX, Deadline reported. This made me very excited. And this is before I even knew what the show was about.

Brian will be starring with Liza Lapira (‘Super Fun Night’) and Jenna Elfman (‘Dharma & Greg’) on Dana Klein’s untitled project. The show follows Ellen (Jenna) as a working mom who is in “competition with her perfect stay-at-home sister-in-law Amy” (Liza), Deadline said.

Brain will be playing Jack Stanley, Amy’s husband. He likes to break the rules and isn’t disciplined at all, except when it comes to his wife. He’s terrified of his wife.

Brian has been jumping around TV shows ever since ‘90210’ ended. He guest starred on ‘Smallville’, and also appeared on ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Wedding Band’ and ‘Anger Management’. I really enjoyed him on ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. None of these roles were ever as good as his portrayal as David though.

David kept trying to make a music career, he was on the radio, he dealt with a drug addiction and depression. Brian got to really delve into this character over the ten years the show ran. The actor has a lot of depth to him and none of the roles he’s taken on since has been able to tap into his talent, but at least he’s still at it. He’s bound to get another great role like David.

According to Variety, FOX gave the show a pilot order last month. Dana will be executive producing the show with Aaron Kaplan. they worked together on ‘Friends with Better Lives’. I loved this show and was really upset when CBS canceled it with out even airing all of the episodes.

There was a lot of comedies that didn’t make the cut last year, but ‘Friends with Better Lives’ was very funny and reminded me a little of ‘Friends’, because it was a show about everyday life. It followed a newly divorced doctor, a single woman, a newly engaged woman and a married couple with one kid and another on the way. It showed friends in very different stages of life and touched on the reality of the dating world. It was a great show that never caught on.

I hope this project has more success for Dana and Aaron. I’m looking forward to checking this show out.


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