How Will Sam and Dean Tackle the Mark of Cain When The Boys Return?

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

The Winchesters have died, gone to Hell and Purgatory, but the Mark of Cain seems to be their biggest challenge yet.

Dean died, yet again, and then became a demon. Something I thought the writers should have committed to a little better. I enjoyed demon Dean and I wanted to see more of him, but Sam was able to save him pretty quickly.

They had already figured out how to cure a demon, well not exactly for sure, but it was their only hope. The cure worked, but the mark didn’t disappear. Since then Dean has been trying to manage the mark, which hasn’t always been successful.

After Dean defeated Cain, he’s very shaky and Sam says he’s not doing well. So how can they defeat this?

I think Metatron knows something, it’s just getting it out of him that will be the problem.

Seeing as ‘Supernatural’ recently got picked up for an eleventh season, the mark won’t be the end of Dean. That doesn’t say how long he’ll have the mark though. The Lucifer storyline expanded two seasons. First there was releasing him and then there was defeating him.

Other than Metatron, I don’t see any other way of getting rid of the mark. I hope the writers come up with something good. They’ve gone through the Men of Letters’ books and files and haven’t come up with anything there, but after ten seasons they are still discovering new things. If Metatron isn’t the answer, then a new discovery will be the answer to saving Dean.

What do you think is the answer to saving him?

We’ll just have to wait and see when ‘Supernatural’ returns March 18, how Sam and Dean will tackle the mark. Remember the boys are moving to a new night, Wednesdays!


3 thoughts on “How Will Sam and Dean Tackle the Mark of Cain When The Boys Return?

  1. I agree that the writers will have to come up with something new! Which will hopefully be good. I am curious to see how the writers end the season, because i have no idea!

  2. Same here! Thankfully, the show got renewed for an 11th season. There is no telling as to what’s coming next! I wrote a review on Supernatural a few posts back. It’d be cool if you checked it out.

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