Gotham Season 1 Episode 17

One of the biggest shocks of the night was Alfred getting stabbed.

One of the biggest shocks was Alfred getting stabbed.

An old friend of Alfred turns up on their doorstep and Bruce invites him to stay. The future Batman has a really good heart, but good hearts don’t survive in Gotham.

He wants to take on his parents company and find his parent’s killer, but he has ruffled some feathers and his future company may be planning an attacking on him. I know all of this will just help create the Bat, but this poor boy doesn’t deserve all of this pain.

I’m assuming Alfred will pull through. I mean the writers can’t kill him off, seeing as he’s Batman’s right hand man.

What kind of trouble is Mr. Payne in? So much trouble that he had to spy on Alfred and Bruce for money? Or has he just never shed covert operations from his resume?

The one nice thing that Mr. Payne provided was background on Alfred’s character. Though I think you can move on from being a ‘lethal war dog” as Reggie called him. But it’s nice to see who Alfred use to be and what he’s become now. Now I just want to know how the transformation happened. Was it Bruce? Alfred did say he’s a better man for knowing him.

Alfred being stabbed was one of the biggest shocks of the episode. I’m not sure which was more shocking, Alfred or Fish pulling her own eye out and stepping on it.

When negotiations weren't going well Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn't have it.

When negotiations weren’t going well, Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn’t have it.

Negotiations weren’t going the way Fish hoped. For one she wasn’t allowed to talk to the boss, Dr. Dullmacher. We’ve heard this name before, way back in episode two. Cat had been kidnapped by the doctor’s men.

Fish was forced to talk to only the manager of the facility, who we never got a name for.

The manager wants to take Fish’s eyes or kill all of the people in the basement, so Fish took out one of her eyes and stomped on it. Now no one can have her eye. That was just crazy. Was there not another way out? Now she only has one eye and will she even survive after collapsing? Will they take her other eye? Did Fish not even think about what she was doing?

Does Butch know what happened to Fish? He said she got what she deserved.

Butch has been working with Oswald to get the club back up and running. Between the bad entertainment and running out of alcohol, the club is not not doing well. Maroni is in charge of the alcohol and is not giving Oswald his orders. Maroni can’t kill him, so he’s doing the only thing he can.

Butch pulled through to help Penguin and they toasted to new beginnings. As Butch was pouring Oswald another glass, he was shaking. So Oswald brings up Fish, but he appears to be over Fish. Butch is not completely the same since the brainwashing, but does he know anything about what happened to Fish?

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn't a good introduction.

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn’t a good introduction.

The writers introduced another villain and it wasn’t exactly exciting. Three different men wore the red hood and the crew meant absolutely nothing to us. It was just another case for Gordon and Bullock to solve. And it was really over shadowed by what Fish did and the Bruce and Alfred storyline. Maybe the biggest problem was there was too many storylines going on.

There’s been a lot of great introductions, but the red hood wasn’t one of them. It could appear as just another case. There’s not much that separates it to show a future villain in Gotham. First Gordon said that the red hood could live on forever, because people can keep putting on the hood. Then at the end a young boy puts on the hood and the villain lives on.

Another storyline that was lacking this week was Barbara. Is there any point to keep putting her on the screen? No offense to the actress, but her storyline seems pointless. It appears that Cat and Ivy have moved in with her and now she wants to give them makeovers, especially Cat, but why? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s fine if the writers want to bring her back later, but they shouldn’t feel like they have to keep her around when there’s nothing going on with her.

Ever since she left Gordon, her storyline has gone down hill. Hopefully the writers have something in store for her soon.

Next week Gordon is looking into Alfred’s stabbing. It looks like Gotham is about to get even darker. Take a look at the promo:


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