The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15

The funeral was very nice. even Damon had nice words to say. It was very fitting to remember a great woman.

The funeral was very nice. Even Damon had nice words to say. It was very fitting to remember a great woman.

We really needed Bonnie to come back after the last two episodes. It was a nice win after having to say goodbye to two characters. Of course Jeremy had to leave town right before she came back.

But Bonnie came back a little too late. She couldn’t get back in time to stop Caroline from turning her emotions off. I’ve been saying lately how strong Caroline has been because she hadn’t turned off her emotions, but I was wondering just how much pain she could take before she would turn it all off.

I’m so mad at Damon. He gave the worst advice. First he tells Caroline that today won’t be her worst day, next week will be, when she’s all alone. Then he assumes that Stefan wasn’t in love with Caroline and told him to shut it down before it gets worse. I don’t know why Stefan was listening to Damon about love advice. Damon may have been successful with Elena, but not with anyone else.

Stefan got there too late to tell her how he really feels and now Caroline turned off her emotions and who knows where she is. She’s stupid to think that she will be any different. She does have the best control, but I don’t think she’ll have that same control once the emotions are off. It’s not going to be pretty. What will it take for her to turn her emotions back on?

Great flashback moments of younger Damon and little Stefan.

Great flashback moments of younger Damon and little Stefan.

As much as I wanted Caroline and Stefan to finally be together, I think Caroline was always going to turn off her emotions. They’ve all done it at some point. I think that if Damon hadn’t of told her it was going to get worse, she might have not even thought about it.

So Bonnie is finally back. I’m a little surprised she went to see Damon first. Or was she just not sure she was back yet and went to the house? I mean she had been stuck in that prison world for so long. I had a feeling that Damon’s mother might be in the prison world.  And then when we saw the woman, I thought that she was their mother. I was wondering how Bonnie was going to describe the woman to Damon and Stefan and how they would confirm it was their mother. Turns out she filmed it. But why is their mother in a prison world? Does she have something to do with the Gemini Coven? Is she a witch? What does any of this mean for Damon and Stefan?

Bonnie is back! And her first stop was a big surprise!

Bonnie is back! And her first stop was a big surprise!

Since Kai merged with Luke, he hasn’t been the psychopath that we love. He’s gone back and forward from being semi-nice to mean, but not right out crazy. Instead of just taking Jo’s magic he asked for it. Though I still don’t know if it was completely a trick. But at least she didn’t have to die and she never liked being a witch anyways.

I thought that Kai and Jo were both sick for the same reason. It made sense that Kai was having side effects from the merge, but I thought because they were twins, they were both affected. Jo is apparently pregnant. It’s about time Alaric got some happiness in his life.

Did it feel like to anyone else that a lot of the character’s stories were ending? Not that I wouldn’t love to see baby Alaric and Matt and Tyler be cops, but if felt like they were all finally moving on. That’s the tone I felt anyways. Like they get to live happily ever after at the end of the show, but it’s not the end of the show. Jeremy moved on as well last week. Things are still full steam ahead for Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Elena and Bonnie. Will we be saying goodbye to more characters this season?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ will return March 12 and Caroline is going a bit wild. She’s never been the one that loses control, so this should be interesting. Take a look at the promo:


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