Nashville Season 3 Episode 13

Rayna was not happy when she found out Maddie had been signed to Edgehill without her knowledge.

Rayna was not happy when she found out Maddie had been signed to Edgehill without her knowledge.

Rayna started the episode with one mission, get Maddie out of the contract with Edgehill. It seemed like an impossible battle to win, but she succeeded, while throwing Jeff under the bus.

Ryana wasn’t mad because Maddie had a record contract, she was made about who it was with. She knows exactly how Jeff works and that’s why both her and Juliette are no longer at Edgehill. When Maddie does get a record deal, it needs to be in environment where she can feel safe.

Rayna was going to strip Teddy of us parenting rights to Maddie, seeing as he’s not her biological father, to nullify the contract. Teddy came clean and said he screwed up. He made some mistakes and Jeff blackmailed him. Rayna decided not to take legal actions and instead went with the truth. She showed up at the signing meeting and told the chairman who Jeff really is. The chairman had no problems nullifying the contract and then firing Jeff.

While lately Jeff has been showing some heart, I don’t feel bad for him at all. He brought this on himself.

Teddy also brought his predicament on himself. I don’t know why he’s surprised that Rayna is taking back control of their daughters. Rayna looked at every avenue she could seek to get Maddie out of the contract, while Teddy just folded to Jeff. I think it’s a smart move on Rayna’s part, but if Maddie ever finds out she had a record deal, Rayna better have a good explanation that Maddie can understand.

Deacon is back to fighting his cancer. Maddie gave him the will to fight again.

Deacon is back to fighting his cancer. Maddie gave him the will to fight again.

Now that that crisis is over, it’s time for Deacon to tell Rayna and Maddie about his cancer. I know he doesn’t want to hurt them, but he needs to tell them. He needs their support and they have a right to know. Deacon was trying to prepare Maddie for a life without him, but without explaining why he won’t be there, Maddie just couldn’t accept it.

Scarlett should not have the burden of dealing with this all by herself either. She loves Deacon so much and can’t accept he’s going to die. She’s doing everything possible to make sure Deacon makes it through this. Deacon isn’t the only one that needs support, Scarlett does too.

Saddie found a lot of strength this week.

Saddie found a lot of strength this week.

I’m so happy that Saddie finally opened up to someone, not the person I expected her to though. Her ex is claiming he deserves everything she makes from her career. I highly doubt a napkin will be binding in court, especially seeing he has beaten her up in the past.

Avery helped her find the strength she needed to stand up to her ex and start recording.

Avery was having his own difficulties. Juliette has him on a very short lease. He was trying to get out the door, but she kept needing something and then she kept calling. From the outside it seemed like he had too many distractions to actually record Saddie’s album. But between his pregnant wife issues, his perfectionism and helping Saddie, he was able lay down good work. He finally got the praise he deserved. I’m so proud of how far Avery has come.

I was so happy to see Luke back this week. Just because he’s not with Rayna anymore, doesn’t mean I want him off the show. He was working through his grief this week. It started with getting drunk with Gunnar and then picking up girls with Will and Gunnar. After a one night stand Luke was able to write a killer song. One I can’t wait to have on my ipod.

Gunnar is not dealing with his pain as well as Luke is. He refuses to write a song and he just burned one of the only pictures he has left of his brother. This is a bigger betrayal than any girl though. His own brother slept with his girlfriend. Then he finds out he has a son, which turns out to be his nephew. That’s all pretty hard to stomach.

Next week Nashville is really shaken up. Rayna only wanted to get her daughter out of a bad contract, not take down Edgehill. This prompts Luke to start his own label. Things will get heated. Take a look at the promo:


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