Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14

Sam, Crowley and Cass waited to see if there was anything left of Dean after the battle.

Sam, Crowley and Cass waited to see if there was anything left of Dean after the battle.

Dean walked out of the battle of defeating Cain and Sam, Cass and Crowley waited to see what was left of him. He handed the blade to Cass and all seemed right with the world. But after Cass hid the blade, he asked Sam how Dean was doing, and Sam said he’s in trouble.

Dean looked shaky after the battle, but he wasn’t going on a rampage, so one might say that was a good sign. But I guess Sam saw something in Dean that we didn’t. All I saw was a fragile Dean, but in all fairness, that wasn’t a surprise after the battle he just had.

Just because Cain relapsed does that really mean there’s no hope for Dean? Is Cain right in saying that Dean’s story will end with him killing his own brother?

The Winchesters have proven again and again how strong they are. Sam overcame Lucifer when he let the devil possess him. Can’t Dean overcome the mark?

Is there anything left of Dean?

Is there anything left of Dean?

Cain had once told Dean that the time would come for Dean to kill him. Now he says that was just so he could get his blade back. Did Cain really plan that from the beginning, or did losing control have something to do with that? There’s no way of really knowing.

I love episodes where Crowley works with Sam and Dean and Cass works with them as well. This was the best of both worlds and I don’t think they could have trapped Cain any other way. It took two supreme hunters, an angel and the King of Hell to pull off this plan.

That was the easy part though. The hard part was Dean walking into the ring and coming out unscathed.

I loved when Cain told Dean that he would have mixed feelings about killing Crowley, which is very true. If Sam and Dean ever kill Crowley, Dean would have mixed feelings about it. And I would be devastated, but that’s another story. It really highlights the relationship Crowley has grown with the Winchesters. But with two lies from Dean, that may have broken the relationship. I’m guessing we won’t see them teaming up again anytime soon.

If Crowley wasn’t already feeling betrayed by friends, his mother had to give him a piece of her mind. She said he’s become colossal numb nuts. Maybe Crowley and his mother are very much alike. Before Crowley got addicted to human blood, he would have probably said the same thing about himself. Crowley may have become a bit softer over the years, but if that keeps him from being killed by the Winchesters and keeps him working with them, I’m happy for the softer side of Crowley.

Where does ‘Supernatural go from here? First off they will be taking a little break, but when the Winchesters return, it will be on a new night. Sam and Dean will return Wednesday, March 18 at 9/8c.


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