Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 13

Maura and Frankie are really worried about Jane as the search continues.

Maura and Frankie are really worried about Jane as the search continues.

When ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ left us in the summer we didn’t know if Jane was alive or not. She jumped off the bridge after Paul and neither of them were seen again. There was just a distraught Maura looking over the bridge.

This episode starts with Jane still missing and it’s now day. Frankie, Maura and Korsak are all worried about Jane. The water is cold and the currents are strong. Korsak said she could make it out to one of the islands and Maura says Jane could do that, but more in trying to convince herself.

Finally the coast guard finds Jane and Paula and they are okay. Frankie runs to Jane and gives his big sister a hug. Maura, almost in tears, gives Jane a hug and then says she’d see her back at the office and hurries off.

Maura was not too happy with Jane and later asked her if she thought about any of them before she jumped? Jane replied no, she didn’t even think of herself, only Paul.

If you recall Paul was set up for the murder of his mistress. The murder took place with the same method that he just convicted a murderer for.

Part two of this case consisted of trying to figure out who framed Paul and why.

Maura decided to look at the case with fresh eyes and told Susie that they had a new case. Susie was really confused, because she thought it was the current case.

Fresh eyes really helped the case. She found evidence of barbecue sauce and a partial print.

But what really helped was Korsak going to see the convicted murderer to find out who else knew the details of the case. According to the prisoner, he had a pen pal that wanted to get back at Paul for putting him in there. The pen pal was Sarah Daniels.

They really believed they had a break in the case, till they met Sarah and she was in a wheel chair.

She had her wallet stolen and usually this might be seen as an excuse, in her case there was no way she could have committed the crime.

So who stole her wallet and who is in the photo taken from the prison cameras?

I took one look at the picture and assumed it was Paul’s wife.

Later on the detectives assumed the same thing when both her and Paul were at a barbecue party for his work a few weeks previous. Maura’s new evidence is what led them to this work function. They also discovered that Carol went to see a shrink every week at the same place Sarah’s wallet was stolen. Only problem was that Carol’s alibi was solid.

Jane was very frustrated with this case. She knew in her gut that Paul was innocent, she just couldn't figure out how to prove it.

Jane was very frustrated with this case. She knew in her gut that Paul was innocent, but she couldn’t figure out how to prove it.

Maybe not so solid. Maura took one look at the chess game and saw that Carol was making the same moves from a famous chess tournament. Turns out Carol pre-programed the game so it would look like she was playing during the time of the murder.

Paul couldn’t accept that his own wife killed the love of his life. He then helped the detectives by getting his wife to confess to the murder. She was so angry at him for ruining their marriage, she even pulled a gun on him, but Korsak and Jane burst in just in time. Then Paul pointed the gun at Carol.

Jane had to talk him down. She used her jumping in after him and Dani to persuade him to not become a murderer. He put the gun down.

The episode wasn’t just about this twisty, turning case. It was also about bucket lists. When Jane jumped in after Paul she saw all the things she hadn’t got to do yet. Like learning how to make ravioli and beer. Maura wasn’t too impressed with her list and thought they should make actual bucket lists.

In honor of this Maura bought a pasta maker so Jane could learn how to make ravioli. It didn’t exactly go so well, seeing as they broke the pasta maker.

Maura and Jane are so different it’s sometimes hard to believe they are best friends. Their bucket lists showed how different they really are. Jane wants to go through Navy Seal training, while Maura wants to attend Paris Fashion Week. To be fair, I imagine both are very brutal experiences, just in very different ways. Maura finally came up with something they would both enjoy, an archeological dig in Egypt. Maura gets the history, while Jane gets the adventure.

Maura and Jane weren’t the only ones embracing life this week. Angela tried to get a really good job, with a pension plan. She worked really hard preparing for the interview and she actually did really well in the interview, but she doesn’t have a college degree. Frankie was really proud of her for going after the job. She may have not gotten the job, but she spoke with such confidence in the interview that she could still snag herself another great job. Plus after all she’s been through, it’s really nice to see her beaming with confidence.

Next week Rizzoli and Isles keep finding body parts. How will they solve the case? Take a look at the promo:


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