Julie Plec May Have Three Shows on CW

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

Shonda Rhimes took over Thursday nights on ABC and now Julie Plec has a third show coming to the CW. Could she be heading for owning a whole night on the CW too?

Julie already has two hit TV shows, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’, now the CW has picked up a pilot from her.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘Cordon’ is about a deadly epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta. The city is forced to quarantine and loved ones are torn apart. The tragedy leads to the devolution of humanity and sees the birth of unlikely heroes.

Julie will write the show and executive produce with David Nutter (‘Game of Thrones’,’The Flash’, ‘Arrow’).

If ‘Cordon’ gets picked up for a whole season, this will make Julie one of only a few producers that have three shows currently airing, The Hollywood Reporter said. Shonda has three shows running at the moment and Chuck Lorre (‘The Big Bang Theory’) is also in the running to have three shows.

‘Cordon’ sounds very different from Julie’s current shows, but also sounds like it will allow for a lot of pulling of heartstrings, which she likes to do.

Julie could have another spinoff show if the writers choose to write one about Jeremy the hunter as well. The writers certainly opened the door for the possibility.

“There’s always talk about expanding the world,” Julie said to THR. “When you’re a studio and a network that has two shows that exist fairly well in their own separate universes, there’s always talk about opportunities to do that again. Not gratuitously, but creatively. I don’t have a pitch for one right now, there’s not one in the works, but we always chat about it.”

The CW is in the Julie Plec business at the moment and we’ll have to wait to see if she has another hit on her hands. I’m sure a lot of her fans will at least check out the first episode.


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