State of Affairs Season 1 Finale

Charlie realizing she's about to be hit by an air strike, one can only assume.

Charlie realizing she’s about to be hit by an air strike.

Charlie resigned from the CIA and went on a mission to kill Fatah once and for all. Director Navaro told her, “No one ever died for a flag. They died fighting for the people they loved.”

Officially Charlie may not have been part of the CIA anymore, but her team and Navaro were doing everything they could to help her complete the mission.

Payton was even behind Charlie. She gave her a number only two other people had. She trusted Charlie to get the job done, but as we’ve seen over the course of this first season, losing her son and the battle against Fatah has made her a changed woman. She wanted Fatah dead, no matter the cost. Even if that meant aligning herself with a group that has known links with terrorists and killing Charlie in the process.

Payton trusted Charlie to get the job done, but she chose avenging her son over Charlie.

Payton trusted Charlie to get the job done, but she chose avenging her son over Charlie.

Charlie had just called Payton to tell her it was almost done. Why would Payton send the planes in when she knew it was getting done?

Over the course of the episode, it was clear that the people Payton trusted were losing faith in her. First her husband. Marshall was heading to their other home to get some distance. He doesn’t like the person the presidency has made her. Then David resigned because he thought she should have a chief of staff that is more likeminded and he didn’t feel that was him.

Now Charlie, the person that has stood by Payton and watched on while Nick was sacrificed, is being sacrificed herself.

Payton has gotten out of control and has lost sight of what the goal is, to keep the American people safe, not avenge her son. I don’t think Aaron would like what has become of his mother or fiancé.

Charlie got the job done.

Charlie got the job done.

I’m sure Charlie’s rash reaction to going after Fatah herself, wasn’t patriotic at all. It was part anger from losing Nick and anger at herself for trusting Fatah and failing her country.

But is Nick dead? Who was Charlie’s savior as she went in to kill Fatah. There was a sniper taking out threats and then drove in at the end waving. Other than Nick, Dawkins and Sid are the only two people I can think of that would come to Charlie’s aid. But Sid gave her unregistered weapons and a satellite, he did his part already. So who was it?

So TKG got what it wanted, an alliance with the President. They manipulated their way there and made sure of mutual destruction. Maybe if Payton hadn’t been in such a rush to call a press conference or Charlie got to her sooner, the outcome could have been avoided.

Kurt went undercover in TKG and is now an enemy of Gantry and he doesn’t seem to be a man you want to make an enemy of. But according to Gantry, this was his plan all along. Kurt should be careful with those files, something tells me it’s a threat against the CIA.

The CIA had a two big wins. First they got all of the vests, then Charlie took out Fatah. So in the end, Payton didn’t really lie to the American public. To be fair, she told the public what she knew at the time, it wasn’t a lie, she was just wrong.

There were great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie.

There were great flashbacks between Nick and Charlie.

We are left with two cliffhangers and no sign of a second season. If we have to leave it off here, we can pretend that the man in the car is Nick and Payton sacrifices Charlie to take out Fatah. It’s a very tragic ending, but that’s what we have to work with.

If ‘State of Affairs’ gets a second season, what’s next? Fatah is dead, we’ve figured out his plot and the president is in bed with her own private army.

I don’t really like what Payton has become, but at the same time, she’s human and her grief of the loss of her son has led her to this. I like how real that feels. Not even a president can resist the urge to avenge their loved ones. They may even feel it more since they are in a place to seek that revenge.

If anything it seems like TKG is the new enemy and a pretty scary one at that.

Who knows if we will ever see what is next, so if we can’t see the next chapter, I’m just going to pretend that Nick was Charlie’s savior.


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