Gotham Season 1 Episode 16

'Gotham' has now introduced us to The Joker.

‘Gotham’ has now introduced us to The Joker.

Here was an episode with a storyline that’s sole purpose was to lead to the introduction of the Joker.

Jerome is a troubled child who never knew who his father was and watched his mother have sex with just about anyone. He came on the screen acting like an innocent little boy, very upset that his mother had died. But there was one odd thing, he called sex a healthy human activity. He’s a little young to be thinking that.

It all started with a date at the circus for Lee and Gordon and turned into a fight between two feuding families. The families had been fighting since WWI over a horse. The death of the snake tamer appeared to be just part of the long feud.

There was some interesting moments along the investigation. First, Gordon let a snake out to find the victim. It was a great idea, the snake led them right to the body. At this point she hadn’t been declared dead, only missing.

Gordon felt bad about ruining their date, but Lee said: “Who gets to see a circus brawl.” This started what would be a very interesting development for her character.

The case was about to get even more exciting for Lee. A psychic, who did a side show for the circus, came into give them a message from the dead victim. Gordon wanted no part of the message, but Lee couldn’t help herself.

Gordon thought it was just a ploy to get publicity and didn’t understand the message.

Lee later figured out what the message meant and wanted to go to the bridge to investigate. Gordon was not at all happy about this.

She said that he wanted someone to share the life he’s chosen with, but really he wants them to be at home baking cookies. Gordon said no, pie.

They find a hatched with etchings of a satanist club that hasn’t been active in a long while. This is what helped Gordon crack the case.

He brought in the psychic, Cicero, and the victim’s son, Jerome. It turns out Cicero is Jerome’s father and that’s why he helped him clean up murdering his mother.

The innocent boy that appeared at the beginning wasn’t so innocent. After a fake cry, he started laughing and it was clear how much he hated his mother. I guess the Joker was screwed up from day one.

This scene would have been more impactful if we didn’t know the Joker was being introduced in the episode.

I think I like Fish best when she's getting herself out of tough situations.

I like Fish best when she’s scheming herself out of a tough situations.

Other than the Joker, this episode was really great for exploring Gordon’s new relationship. I really like their relationship so far. He can actually talk to her about work and she’s not scared by it. She actually enjoys it. He’s having a lot more fun with Lee than he ever did with Barbara.

Barbara is back in town and acting really strange. She didn’t seem to be bothered that Cat and Ivy were squatting at her place. She then enlisted them in help for finding the perfect outfit to get Gordon back. Barbara seemed pretty upset when she found Gordon kissing Lee. Not that I can blame her, but she did leave Gordon with only a note. That was pretty harsh. Plus she ran right back to the bed of her ex-girlfriend. So she doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.

Fish is working on getting back to Gotham. She rallied the other prisoners and used them to get up to the boss. I don’t think she ever planned on saving any of them and I don’t think she’ll be going back there. I really want to know who has her captured.

Bruce is starting to run his legacy.

Bruce is starting to run his legacy.

Oswald’s story was very small this week. I think it was a stepping stone for what’s next or just to show us that Butch is alive, but he’s been brainwashed. He will now do whatever you want him to do. Victor brought Butch in to help Oswald run the club. But can Butch still run a club after being brainwashed? I think business was ruined when Oswald killed a patron.

Bruce is starting to run his company, even if he’s not exactly of age to do it yet. He’s been wanting a meeting with the board for a while and they finally sat down with him, but weren’t too happy with what he had to say.

Bruce is concerned about the underworld involvement in the Arkham project and chemical weapons being manufactured at their Wellzyn affiliate. He didn’t give them the proof, he’s holding that as leverage, but is ready to take legal action if it comes to that.

Strong words from a small boy. It doesn’t seem so strange knowing what he becomes though.

There’s a lot coming up in the last five episodes before the season finale. Take a look at the promo:

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