The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14

Liz is leaving a big hole in Mystic Falls.

Liz is leaving behind a big hole in Mystic Falls.

We were told we were saying goodbye to Jeremy this week, no one said anything about saying goodbye to Liz too.

It was a great episode for Liz’s character. She didn’t want any unfinished business. She was taking care of all of her cold cases.

Damon decided to help her out and most of her cold cases were caused by him. But one case he wasn’t involved in was the car crash Elena’s parents died in. Liz has kept it open all these years wondering if there was something more to it. There were no skid marks, they took the long way home, there was luggage in the car and Miranda gave Liz a call that night and said it was urgent.

Damon said he wanted some alcohol to make their investigation more fun, Liz actually had a bottle in her draw. Damon told her that’s why she’s a bad sheriff.

“No I’m a terrible sheriff because one of my best friends is the perp in half my open cases,” Liz said.

This was a great moment. We’ve known for a long time how close these two are, but it was really nice hearing Liz say it.

It turns out though that the car crash was a complete accident. Miranda had caught Jeremy smoking in his room and made a call to Liz to scare Jeremy. There had been a storm the day before and a power line pole had fallen on the route they would have normally taken. Plus the roads were still slippery. It was all just a complete accident.

Liz wasn’t happy with this outcome. She wanted there to be a reason for them to die. She wanted someone to blame, but for once, something in Mystic falls was simple.

She was able to close all the cases before she left her badge.

Damon took Liz home and tucked her into bed. She was relieved that she would be one of the few people in Mystic Falls to have an ordinary death.

I’m exceptionally normal, she said. Caroline on the other hand “was meant to be extraordinary.”

Damon reminisced about his dying mother and how he never went to her funeral or wrote the eulogy like he promised to. Liz told him he could get a second chance by writing her eulogy.

The writers have certainly saved the best Liz and Damon moments for last.

Then Liz said she’d take that drink now, but when Damon asked if she wanted neat or on the rocks, she didn’t reply. Caroline should be happy to know that Liz had a pretty nice last moment with Damon.

But Caroline really wanted to say goodbye to her mother. She couldn’t handle that she wasn’t with her mom in her last moments. It wasn’t too late though. Liz was a sleep, but not quite gone yet. Stefan told her that she can still be with her in her last moments. It was similar to when Damon gave Rose a nice last moment. But for Caroline, she gave her mom a last memory of the two of them. Liz was teaching her how to ride a bike. It was a beautiful moment, just before Liz drifted off.

I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye to Liz this week. I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready for it. I was too busy bracing myself for Jeremy’s departure.

Jeremy the graduate!

Jeremy the graduate!

Jeremy’s departure didn’t go as expected. He got kidnapped one last time before he left Mystic Falls. Damon compelled Jeremy into art school and a high school diploma. To be fair, Jeremy has had a rough time, between losing his parents and dying. Then coming back to life. He deserved that diploma, despite his failing average.

After all of that Jeremy isn’t going to art school at all, he’s going vampire hunting. And Alaric is sending him on his way. Alaric was happy that he finally found his purpose.

I know he wants Elena to think he’s safe, but maybe she wouldn’t take it so bad. I mean Elena did smoke with him, which is so unlike her. I’m proud of Jeremy though. He’s a man now and he’s making the world a safer place. Bonnie would be very proud of him.

The kiss we've all been waiting for finally happened!

The kiss we’ve all been waiting for finally happened!

With all of the sadness in this episode there was a very great moment. Stefan and Caroline finally kissed. This has been coming for a very long time and it was everything I could have hoped for. Where will they go from here? Their moment was short lived and they didn’t get to talked about what this means.

With Jeremy leaving, Matt is being left more alone than ever. Not that anyone notices when he disappears. He’s really stuck in the middle of Enzo’s revenge plot against Stefan. And he had to get hit by a car and drink Enzo’s blood. Sara has now been exposed to the world of vampires, something Stefan was trying to protect her from. But this is only step one in Enzo’s horrible plan.

Next week the tears aren’t over yet. They all say goodbye to Liz. Take a look at the promo:

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