The Best TV Couples (And the Ones We Dream About)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and in tribute of the holiday made just for couples and Hallmark, lets celebrate some of the best couples on TV.

Erin and Jay (‘Chicago P.D’)

How many people were happy that Erin and Jay finally got together?

Were you happy that Erin and Jay finally got together?

They’ve had chemistry since episode one, but it’s taken them till just a few episodes ago for them to finally get together, but they are hiding it from Voight. Even though keeping the relationship a secret is making them head for disaster, that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy the relationship while it lasts, and hope for the best.


April and Jackson (‘Grey’s Anatomy’)

The results of the test required the big gun, not the little gun.

The results of the test required the big gun, not the little gun.

These two have been going through a very hard time lately. They thought they were going to be parents, not saying goodbye to their son. They’ve handled it as gracefully as anyone could and it just makes us pull for them to stay together and stay strong.


Maggie and Glen (‘The Walking Dead’)
It started as just sex, but through zombies, evil people and losing a lot of loved ones, their bond has grown and they’ve become such a great couple. Couples who kill walkers together, stay together. Or at least that seems to be working for these two newlyweds.

Juliette and Avery (‘Nashville’)

The surprise wedding!

The surprise wedding!

Juliette and Avery are really newlyweds. They haven’t even gotten past their honeymoon stage ye and they have a baby on the way. Juliette’s insecurities threatened to ruin them, but the baby brought them back together. It took some soul searching, but Avery popped the question and they had a very private, under the radar wedding. Now we are just waiting for the little one to arrive.

Elena and Damon (‘The Vampire Diaries’)

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

What other couple can erase away their feelings and still find their way back to each other? Probably no other, but Elena couldn’t take the pain away, so she took away every good memory of Damon and somehow she fell for him all over again. It’s been beautiful watching them find each other both times and it’s so nice for them to be happy together. They both deserve it.

Bonus: Our dream couples

Stefan and Caroline (‘The Vampire Diaries’)

The kiss we've all been waiting for finally happened!

The kiss we’ve all been waiting for finally happened!

These two finally kissed, so hopefully they are headed for good things, but it’s way too early to tell. Plus Caroline is dealing with losing her mother, so it may be a while before they can explore their feelings. In the meantime we can really enjoy their first kiss.


Deacon and Rayna (‘Nashville’)
Deacon and Rayna are destined to be together, but the universe keeps standing in their way, or Rayna is just too afraid to admit her feelings. Now that she’s finally come clean with how she feels, Deacon has cancer and is running out of time. It’s unclear whether they will finally get their moment, but hope is still alive for these two.

Emily and Jack (‘Revenge’)
When ‘Revenge’ returns Jack will finally confess his feelings for Emily. She clearly still cares for him, but does she still feel that way for him? There’s not too much longer to wait. He’s only waited most of his life, I think we can wait a couple more weeks.

Olivia and Jake or Olivia and Fitz (‘Scandal’)
So I just can’t decide which guy I want Olivia with. She’s perfect with both of them, so I’m just going to dream of her with both of them. Who do you want Olivia to end up with?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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