Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11

R.I.P little Samuel Norbert Avery.

R.I.P. little Samuel Norbert Avery.

There were a lot of miracles going on this week, they just weren’t happening for April and Jackson.

April hoped for a miracle and Jackson and his mother’s eyes met and they were afraid of how April would react when she didn’t get her miracle. This wasn’t one of those situations and April was right, it wasn’t fair. There was no right answer to their horrible situation, but I think they came up with the easiest option.

Catharine had a great idea to induce labor and hold their baby as long as they could and even baptize him. Their baby, Samuel Norbert Avery, was adorable and he may have not lived long, but he was loved so much. Not just from April and Jackson, but from all the doctors that lit candles in honor of them.

Amelia was going through an especially hard time. It was bringing back memories of her baby that didn’t live very long either. It’s amazing that she was able to bring a man’s sight back during this time. She did blow off steam to Stephanie though, but Amelia was half right. To be successful at innovative surgeries, you have to keep pushing.

April is losing her faith, so Jackson goes and prays for her.

April is losing her faith, so Jackson goes and prays for her.

Meredith was dealing with her own problems. She was desperately trying to find a way to visit Derek to keep their marriage alive through the distance, but she wasn’t willing to let Jo look after her kids and she had a hard time finding someone to cover her shift. First of all I think Jo would have been fine. I mean as Owen said, Cristina may have said she’d take care of the kids, but Owen did most of the work. If Alex was home, I’m sure Jo would be doing most of the work anyways.

But I think things turned out for the better. Maggie volunteered to take care of the kids. Apparently she loves kids and would love to take care of her niece and nephew. She even wants to bake for them. Could Meredith have asked for anything better? Maybe Richard coming to her rescue by taking her shift. He’s trying to right the wrongs he did in his own relationships.

The doctors didn't know what to do for April and Jackson, Amelia suggested they light a candle.

The doctors didn’t know what to do for April and Jackson, Amelia suggested they light a candle.

As I said at the beginning, there were a lot of miracles this week. A woman got shot and turned out to be pregnant, even though she couldn’t get pregnant. She came close to dying on the table too, but Maggie, Bailey and Callie made sure she was able to hold her baby girl. Amelia was even able to give a man back his sight. That’s a lot of miracles.

But the episode was filled with tragedy too. For the whole episode there was this young woman hanging around. From sleeping in the chapel, to eating jell-o, to being given test samples. Leave it to April to know all the interns and know that she wasn’t one of them. She was the woman from the night before that lost her husband and just wasn’t ready to take his belongings. But maybe this was a little bit of a miracle. April consoled the woman and found strength to let her baby go.

Next week Meredith is back from her trip, but where did she go? Take a look at the promo:


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