Nashville Season 3 Episode 12

Jeff is drowning and about to lose his job, so he resorts to blackmail to sign a star.

Jeff is drowning and about to lose his job, so he resorts to blackmail to sign his next big star.

I knew that Jeff was bonding with Teddy just so he could convince him to sign Maddie to his label. I don’t think Jeff thought he would have to use blackmail, but in the end, he had no qualms about restoring to that method.

Teddy doesn’t have a choice. He’s not going to let it come out that he paid for sex and I don’t see him taking the fall to protect his daughter. But this will really cause problems with Rayna. That will make daughter and mother competing artists. I’m sure Rayna would have signed Maddie when the time came. I’m wondering how Rayna is going to fight this.

Rayna and Maddie are both struggling with Deacon at the moment.

Rayna and Maddie are both struggling with Deacon.

Rayna and Maddie are going to have bigger issues to deal with when Deacon finally tells them why he’s been so distant. Deacon was really hoping to tell them with some good news attached, but Beverly is refusing to give him her liver. Not that I’m surprised. She hasn’t been a good mother or sister. It’s a wonder how Scarlett turned out to be the caring woman that she is. Scarlett is trying so hard to save Deacon. I mean she called her mother and begged her to take the test.

Scarlett doesn’t know how to handle Deacon’s cancer. It’s heartbreaking to watch her try to save him again and again and keeping failing.

Scarlett has tried everything to save Deacon.

Scarlett has tried everything to save Deacon.

Deacon has seen how Scarlett’s taken the news, so I’m sure that’s what’s making him hesitate in telling Rayna and Maddie. He doesn’t want to see them hurt like Scarlett is.

I don’t know if Rayna can handle this news at the moment. She had a hard time going back to the Blue Bird with all the memories coming back. I have no idea how Maddie will handle it.

I don’t blame Deacon at all for stalling, but he’ll have to tell Maddie soon. She doesn’t deserve to be in the dark.

I don’t think Saddie should be keeping her secret anymore either. I’m not saying she needs to go public, but she should open up to Rayna. I don’t know if Saddie filed the report about her ex-husband. If she does file the report, it’s sure to come out eventually. Does she want to deal with it publicly? Even if she doesn’t want to deal with it publicly, she needs some kind of support to help deal with it. Rayna could be that person. I just hate to see her suffering alone.

Juliette is going through her own suffering. She’s not good at being pregnant. All she wants to do is finish the record, but her baby is not making that easy. Juliette has always been a workaholic and now she’s forced to take some time off of her music career and it’s not settling too well with her. Luckily she has a great producer and new husband to tell her that her music can wait.

There wasn’t too many onscreen moments of the newlyweds, but what we did get was great. Juliette and Avery have such a great chemistry and are the only functional couple on the show at the moment.

Gunnar was working really hard to repair his relationship with Micah. He flew to see him and set him on the right path. It’s hard to believe that Gunnar’s brother had a hand in making Gunnar the person he is today. Jason was such a bad kid, but maybe it’s as Gunnar said, Jason didn’t have anyone looking out for him. Luckily for Micah, he has great grandparents and a great uncle watching out for him.

Next week Rayna is ready for battle after finding out Teddy signed Maddie to Edgehill. Take a look at the promo:


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