It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Jeremy Gilbert

WillMoseley |

WillMoseley |

Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) has come a long way since he was just Elena’s little brother. He’s died twice and has been a vampire hunter.

Jeremy’s second death was one of the most shocking deaths in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for me. I didn’t cry, instead I was left stunned with no words, just gaping at the TV screen for a few minutes after the episode had ended. I just couldn’t believe he died. I couldn’t cry because I was just too shocked by what had happened.

I did cry when Bonnie was able to bring Jeremy back to life, but it cost her own life in return.

When we first met Jeremy I wasn’t really a fan of him. He was just Elena’s whiny little brother. It wasn’t until he fell in love with Anna that his character really evolved. He fell in love with her and then had to deal with the pain of losing her, when his uncle killed her. He tried to turn himself into a vampire to deal with the pain. Luckily the blood healed him from the sleeping pills instead of killing him.

The relationship that has really thrived for Jeremy was between him and Bonnie. He did screw if up for a brief stint when he was seeing the ghost’s of Anna and Vicki after he came back to life. Their relationship may have been short lived, but the bond has always remained.

When Shane was trying to quell Jeremy’s urge to kill Elena and all of her friends, Damon came up with the idea of using Jeremy’s feelings for Bonnie to distract his urge.

And it was Bonnie’s love for Jeremy that prompted her to use her Expression magic to bring him back and killing herself in the process. When Bonnie’s friends were able to make her into the anchor to the other side, Bonnie and Jeremy were able to have the relationship they’ve never quite been able to have.

Then Bonnie was too afraid to tell Jeremy or any of her friends that while she could get Stefan, Alaric and Damon back from the other side, she couldn’t save herself. She phoned Jeremy to say goodbye and he was furious with her.

He didn’t handle losing Bonnie very well and went on a drinking and girl’s spree to numb the pain. Now that he has Bonnie’s blessing to move on and he knows that she’s still fighting to get home, he’s ready to move on from Mystic Falls.

We’ve seen Steven’s character really grow since season one and he’s become such a fan favorite. His storyline has sadly come to an end.

He will be remembered for his relationship with Bonnie, always protecting his big sister and being one of the hot guys on ‘TVD’.

Through everything Jeremy and Elena have always stuck together. It hasn’t always been easy, especially when Jeremy was a hunter with a built in urge to kill vampires. But he became an integral character on the show. Twice Julie Plec killed him and twice she had Bonnie bring him back.

Tonight we say goodbye to the little Gilbert.


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