Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 14

The opening of the episode gets down to business very quickly.

The episode didn’t take long to get down to business.

This was an exceptionally good episode of ‘Chicago P.D.’. The intensity level is always high on this show, but this week it was just done so well.

It didn’t take long for the action to begin. Erin and Jay were taking a look at the suspect her mom tipped them off to. They had no idea what they were walking into. They followed the man and caught him in the act of robbing a check exchange. They blocked the door with their car and went in the other way. Erin and Jay were faced with bulletproof glass, so they used tear gas. The man tried to go out the other way with the hostage, but couldn’t because of the car, so he came back and Jay got a shot at him.

The victim, Sarah, informed them that the burglar had her husband and son.

Burgess and Roman headed to the woman’s house, but the two were already gone.

We get a little breather as Antonio’s old friend, Gina, informs them of the case. She’s been working on catching the duo for a while in Robbery Homicide. The man they have in custody, Nick Vosh, isn’t the only one working the check exchanges. Him and his partner are taking the manager’s families hostage. The more violent one was still on the lose and had already killed a manager’s wife.

This was all just in the beginning of the episode.

Erin finds out that there’s a reward for catching these men and asked her mother if she knew anything about the reward, Bunny said no.

The suspect escapes and the whole department comes together to hunt down the man.

The suspect escapes and the whole department comes together to hunt him down

All of Intelligence and Burgess and Roman were working very hard to find the missing man and son. Olinsky and Ruzek find the truck, but it’s too late. It’s sunk at the bottom of the river.

Olinsky asked Ruzek if he’s ever had to inform the family member before.

“That’s the one thing I didn’t want to learn on this job,” Ruzek said.

It was a very heartbreaking scene as Olinsky told Sarah that her husband and son were dead.

“How can a human being do that to another human being?” Sarah asked.

“Some men don’t deserve to be walking the earth,” Olinsky replied, but would later regret.

When Voight and Erin go to question Nick, you can see Voight rubbing off on Erin. They take the suspect outside to interrogate him, but the doctor tried to stop them by saying the patient wasn’t up for questioning. Erin said he was fine.

They toss the suspect in the snow and Voight puts his foot in the guy’s face and they get their answers.

This leads to them chasing down Jared Miko at a hotel. Antonio fought the suspect hand to hand until Jay punched Jared down and put a gun on him. It was a great fight, very brutal. The suspect was much bigger than Antonio, but he held his own.

Unfortunately, the suspect was short lived in custody. He took another inmate’s bracelet and snapped his neck. He was released mistakenly as the other inmate.

Voight goes back to Nick and finds out exactly where the suspect will be.

The team is moving in on their man.

The team is moving in on their man.

This is when things really get good.

The whole team is chasing the man down, including Burgess and Roman. The man started firing at them and Roman pushed Burgess back. Intelligence came in behind them and Ruzek made sure Burgess was okay and then they split up to try to catch the man from two sides.

I just loved the team work. It’s really a team effort catching these criminals. And each intense scene up to this point has shown that incredible team work.

The scene where Burgess, Antonio and Ruzek were following Jared and shooting back at him is incredible. They are moving at a slow, deliberate rate. They move up and hide behind the next thing they can find. It was such an intense scene, because the intensity level is high, but the movement is slow.

They catch the man and Antonio just started punching him before putting the cuffs on. That’s not usually Antonio’s style, but he did get beaten up pretty badly by the guy before.

Antonio goes on a date with his old colleague as he starts to move on.

Antonio goes on a date with his old colleague as he starts to move on.

Just when you think the case is closed, Sarah comes out of nowhere and shot the suspect. Olinsky’s words rang too true in her ears and she couldn’t let the man live. I did not see that coming at all. When Olinsky found out Sarah shot the suspect because of his words, it appeared to weigh heavy on him.

Things all came back around to Bunny though. According to Jared, Bunny knew what they were doing and was charging them double for the trucks and asked for triple. When she couldn’t get the money from the criminals, she went to Erin so she could get the reward.

"I'd take a bullet just to come over to your house tonight," Erin says to Jay.

“I’d take a bullet just to come over to your house tonight,” Erin says to Jay.

She owes a bad man $30,000 and was hoping to pay most of that off with the $25,000 reward, but because of her suspected involvement with the case, the check exchanges won’t pay.

Voight stepped in and took care of Bunny’s debt, but he has a price. He wants her to stay out of Erin’s life. Voight sure does care about Erin.

Erin and Jay need to come clean to Voight. He’s done so much for her and he’s going to be hurt when he finds out Erin’s been keeping it from him. He’s really been a father to Erin and could he be her real father? Bunny said he’s been the better parent. Would explain why he’s looked out for her all these years.

It looks like the intensity level isn’t going to stop next week. Burgess and Roman are kidnapped and Intelligence has to save them. Take a look at the promo;


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