Supernatural Season 10 Episode 13

Dean certainly had an appetite this week.

Dean certainly had an appetite this week.

‘Supernatural’ has done every kind of monster you can think of, but they’ve never tackled a ghost on the internet before.

They were in uncharted territory. The couldn’t just deal with a ghost the same way they would if the spirit was possessing some object. They can’t salt and burn the internet. I guess technology is even changing the way Sam and Dean hunt ghosts.

The episode turned into a moral lesson, you text while driving, you will kill someone, and they will come back and kill you.

The whole episode was a little bit cheesy. From Trina the navigation system navigating Billy to his death, to Julie being chocked by her power code. Then the last victim being killed by loud music.

Then the ghost’s wife was very quick to forgive the college students for causing the wreck her husband died in. I think it’s great that she could choose forgiveness, but anger usually comes before forgiveness.

It was a disappointing episode after the hilarious episode from last week with teenage Dean, Hensel, a witch and Taylor Swift. What sounds like a silly episode, turned out to be a well done comedy with a twist of the witch knowing Rowena.

This episode was supposed to be a straight forward case and it was, but just not the best ghost story.

The storyline did segue into Dean deciding he wants to choose peace.

“My peace is helping people, working cases,” Dean said.

He’s done trying to find a cure. He thinks there’s to many maybes and doesn’t believe there’s one.

“I’m going to fight it till I can’t fight it anymore. And when all is said and done. I’ll go down swinging,” Dean said.

Well he had already given up his healthy diet and last week he started drinking again. Not that his new diet changed anything. He was making up for lost time this week though. He was eating what seemed to be more than one meal in one sitting, while Sam didn’t eat a thing.

He also couldn’t stop checking out girls. He’s always looking at the ladies, but this time it was distracting him.

So through the cheesiness of the episode, there was at least some funny moments with Dean.

Next week they find Cain and Dean has to kill him, with the blade. Take a look at the promo:

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