The Originals Season 2 Episode 13

We knew Hope was going to be special, but I don't think anyone could have predicted this.

We knew Hope was going to be special, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted this.

When Wyatt in ‘Charmed’ was born from a Charmed one and a whitelighter, he was very powerful, even from the womb. Now we may have a new powerful baby. We haven’t seen too much of Hope yet, but she may have given us a sample of just how powerful she really is. Unless someone else was around, Hope turned off the car to stop Cami and her from walking into danger. All while Elijah was taking care of Finn.

This was an extremely exciting and intense episode. As the episode drew to a close, I wasn’t sure if Hope would be saved. Of course everyone pulled through.

Hayley was ready to rush to Hope’s rescue, even though she would have never have gotten there in time. But Marcel reminded her that Elijah would have never let anything happen to Hope. She’s been putting complete trust in Jackson and had forgotten for a moment how much she trusted Elijah. He came through in a big heroic way.

Elijah is more powerful than we've ever seen when he's protecting Hope.

Elijah was more powerful than we’ve ever seen him, when he was protecting Hope.

First battle in protecting Hope is won, but they are far from done yet. Freya wants Hope dead too.

Freya was reunited with one of her brothers, Finn, her favorite. But lets be honest, she was taken before she could get to know the others.

We assumed Freya was dead, but instead Dahlia has been putting Freya into a deep sleep for a century and then letting her live one year before going back into a deep sleep again. She escaped her aunt and has been running ever since. The Mikaelsons sure have had a crappy life, running all the time.

Freya is quite happy to let Hope die, so the rest of them can live.

“I’ve come to understand a hard lesson in our time apart, You have to let somethings die, so others may live,” Freya side.

It looks like Freya will not be siding with her siblings, especially when she finds out Elijah killed her favorite brother.

Kol is one powerful and smart witch.

Kol is one powerful and smart witch.

The secret is out and everyone knows. Marcel is a good ally to have to protect Hope. And I’m sure he’d be more than willing to help protect her. He already did, though getting different blood was pointless. Finn was just too smart. It was all a plan to buy himself enough time to get to Hope.

At least Finn isn’t the only smart witch in the family. Kol came through big as well, with the help of Klaus. Channeling Klaus was a brilliant idea. Hopefully now that Klaus has put a lot of trust into Kol and Kol proved he could come through, someone will come up with a way to save Kol.

We just started getting to know Kol. We didn’t know him too well in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but now he’s a big part of ‘The Originals’ and I would be very upset to see him go.

After all of the events of this episode, Hayley is in a big rush to get married. While letting Elijah protect Hope, Hayley focused on building a bigger pack of wolves, only vampires interrupted the ceremony. Not that it was the vampires’ fault, they were under a spell. But as Hayley said, it’s just going to get worse.

I think a wolf army to protect Hope is great and I think it was sweet of Jackson to build a crib for Hope, but I still want Hayley with Elijah.

Next week Hayley’s wedding day has come and Klaus is plotting to get rid of Jackson after the ceremony, so Elijah can have Hayley. Take a look at the preview:

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