State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 12

Nick sacrifices himself for the mission.

Nick sacrifices himself for the mission.

For most of ‘State of Affairs, Charlie has been right. It turns out Nick was right all this time. He never believed Fatah had been turned.

Did we get confirmation of Harkam and Fatah being killed? If they are dead, then that can still be spinned as a win for the CIA.

Why was TKG protecting Fatah? Are they part of Ar Rissalah?

I wasn’t expecting Kurt to be a double agent and that Navaro sent him in. Great idea, if only his old team wasn’t so mad at him. I get the point of secrecy at the agency, but sometimes trust is better. If his old team would have known what he was doing. One of them would have answered his call and maybe saved Nick’s life.

The CIA will have some explaining to do.

The CIA will have some explaining to do.

I was really getting to like Nick and this episode gave an even better look at his character. He’s a really sweet guy at heart, well at least he was to Charlie, but she left him. She left him for the job. Not surprising really.

“I’m flawed and I’m selfish, and I can’t give up,” Charlie said about why Nick and her can’t work.

To top off this incredible episode for Nick’s character, he sacrifices himself for the mission, and it might have been all in vain.

Things just keep getting worse for the CIA. No wonder Navaro put Kurt undercover. How much did Navaro know about what was going on at TKG?

First Senator Burke finds the photograph of Charlie, Fatah and Nick and gives it to Jules.

Then Charlie finds out what TKG is up to, or somewhat. If Fatah is the true leader, then he may have weaseled himself out of the air strike. How are the CIA going to explain this screw up?

There were some great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie.

There were some great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie. We got to know their relationship better and how it came to an end.

Charlie is left to tell the President this new information and come up with answers for the press, seeing as it was her face plastered on the paper. She’s also lost another man she loves. It was hard watching her wait for the bombs and listen to everyone applaud a successful mission.

I really enjoyed Nick reading the letter of Charlie saying goodbye to him as we are about to say goodbye for good. It was a very heart wrenching moment. They worked so hard for this moment and it was overshadowed by the loss of Nick.

One good thing, Sid is definitely on Charlie’s side. What is he doing working for TKG though? But when Charlie needs help, he’s there.

Next week Charlie will resign, so she can avenge Nick in the season finale (and hopefully not series finale). Take a look at the promo:


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