Gotham Season 1 Episode 15

The Penguin and Riddler meet!

The Penguin and Riddler meet!

Gordon and Bullock really wanted to wrap up their case this week and it wasn’t easy. They had hardly any leads. They had to be more creative. Crane’s obsession was fear, so why?

They thought it might have something to do with his wife dying in a car accident. They were partially right. It had do with his wife, but she didn’t die in a car accident, she died in a house fire. And Crane was in the house at the time.

Through their investigation they discovered that Dr. Crane was trying to cure fear. Then they discovered he cured his own fear. When Gordon and Bullock went after him, with guns raised, Crane shot back at them.

Crane believed he could cure his son’s fears too, but instead of taking away his fears, he made him in complete terror. He gave his son way to much. The Crane in ‘Batman Begins’ was pretty screwed up. If this is what did it, it makes complete sense.

Alfred starts becoming like a second father to Bruce.

Alfred starts becoming like a second father to Bruce.

As well as introducing villains, the whole point of ‘Gotham’ is watching these people become they people they are in the comics and films. We’ve been watching Bruce handle things that probably help shape him, but now we are starting to see the bond we know between Bruce and Alfred grow. Sure they are close now, but nowhere near as close as they are later.

Bruce decided to go on the hike he goes on with his father. It’s tradition and he didn’t want to break it. He didn’t want Alfred to come, so he went alone. He came across his and his father’s rock collection. He just lost it. He threw the rocks and started to walk on, but slipped and fell down the hill. And hurt his ankle really badly. But this is the future Batman, so that shouldn’t faze him. He found a stick and used it as a splint. He half crawled, half climbed back up the hill. When he arrived at the top, Alfred was waiting for him.

At first Bruce was mad that Alfred didn’t help him and said he just wanted to go home. But Alfred said, don’t you want to watch the sunrise like you and your father use to. They stayed and watched the sunrise.

Climbing up that hill will certainly make Bruce stronger and he has to become a lot stronger to be the man he’s going to be. But the bond he shares with Alfred has a big part in the man he becomes. We are getting to see the great relationship bloom.

Aren't these two so cute? Gordon doesn't want any kisses at the office. Leslie says she'll be  discreet, while killing him on the cheek.

These two are so cute. Gordon doesn’t want to kiss at work. Leslie says she’ll be discreet, while killing him on the cheek.

Oswald is alive and well, for now. As soon as Falcone is out of the picture though, Maroni says he’s going to kill him. In the meantime, Oswald has his own club to run. It was so cute when he brought an invitation to Gordon. I love the affection Penguin has towards the detective. Gordon can’t figure it out though.

Oswald may be Falcone’s man at the moment, but we all know where he’s going. Falcone obviously doesn’t know. He thinks Penguin is clever, but will never be the boss. He also believes that his man is smart enough to know that. Maybe Oswald is just smart enough to work his way to the top. We know this will take awhile though. Falcone is keeping Oswald alive by kidnapping a judge so him and Maroni can torture the guy. Don’t you think someone will notice a judge missing?

No one will probably notice Fish missing, seeing as she was headed out of town anyways. But where is she? She’s imprisoned in something that looks like a hangout for homeless people. It didn’t take her long to become the boss, but if they are trapped in there, what is the point of having boss? It’s the people outside she needs to deal with. I don’t know who they are, but they took that poor girl’s eyes, so they aren’t good.

The best scene this week was the Penguin and the Riddler meeting. Of course neither of them are those villains yet, they are just Oswald and Nygma. And Ed is still such a sweet guy. Nygma seemed to be fascinated with meeting Oswald, Oswald not so much.

Next week, probably the most legendary of all the Batman villains will make an appearance, the Joker. Take a look at the promo:


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