The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13

Bonnie  is finally on her way home.

Bonnie is finally on her way home.

Just as Bonnie was giving up hope, her Grams’ words resonated in her ear, “stay strong”, and she found the strength to fight on.

Jeremy also found the strength to make the connection with the alternate reality and not only open the garage door in time, but he was able to leave the message too. He was able to open it to the right page before he lost a his grasp of the atlas. But lets not forget about Damon, he’s been instrumental in leading the mission to save Bonnie.

Mostly what we got to see when Damon and Bonnie were trapped together was a lot of bickering. We did see her get her magic back to save Damon though, but Bonnie having the good heart that she does, didn’t mean too much.

Since Damon’s been back, we’ve learned a lot more about their time together. Damon talked Bonnie’s ear off about Elena and from how much he’s been missing Bonnie, we can see how close they really got.

Now we learn that they had a death pact. They were going to drink the oldest bottle of bourbon together and kill themselves if everything got too much to handle. It was so touching when Damon decided to drink the bottle as well.

Damon held up his end of the pact, he drank the bottle with her.

Damon held up his end of the pact, he drank the bottle with her, as she was drinking it in her world.

Damon said: “Our suicide bourbon. Bonnie and I made a pact we’d drink this together. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Trying to stop Bonnie from not taking her life wasn’t an easy task. Kai was trying to do magic he’d never done before and Liv was trying to kill him in the process.

There may be hope for Kai though. Not only did Kai get Luke’s magical abilities, he’s apparently received his emotions too. Kai’s been feeling a whole lot of emotions lately and he can’t get a handle on them.

Luke was shinning through the most when Kai tried to kill Liv, but couldn’t bring himself to finish her off. Luke sacrificed himself to save Liv, that’s at the core of who he is. It makes perfect sense that Kai wouldn’t be able to kill her. That might save a lot of the Gemini coven if he can’t make the final blow.

I don’t really understand Tyler’s outrage at Liv. He wasn’t exactly acting rational when his mother died. He tried to go up against Klaus, even though that was a losing battle. Liv’s acting exactly the way she should act. She’s angry and hurt. She lost her other half and has no idea how to move on.

Jeremy’s been having a hard time moving on as well. He hasn’t had an easy adjustment since coming back from the dead, again. When he had Bonnie he was happy, but he never really thought about his future, now that he’s gotten a second chance at life.

I think he needed to see that Bonnie is still fighting and he needed to hear her say for him to move on and be happy. Now he can start his life. He can have a normal life, what he’s always wanted.

The rest of the episode consisted of a lot of great Delena and Steroline scenes.

We can official say that Elena and Damon are back together. Even with Elena compelling her feelings away, she still found her way back to him.

Elena said: “I always find my way back to you.”

The look was in both of their eyes, why didn't Stefan just kiss her!

Steroline shared a moment where the look was in both of their eyes, why didn’t Stefan just kiss her!

As for Caroline and Stefan, they may not be together yet, but the storyline definitely seems to be headed that way. There was a moment that I really thought Stefan was going to kiss Caroline, it was a great moment. You could see how much they cared for each other.

Stefan was watching over Caroline and she really enjoyed that fact. She isn’t handling her mom dying or Bonnie still being trapped very well. Her solution was to find Mr. Cuddles, who she stole from Bonnie when they were kids and buried him.

Stefan surprisingly was the one who discovered the bear and then Caroline accidentally pulled off his head. This was all too much for her and she broke down, but later she was sewing the bear’s head back on. She is really focusing on things she can fix right now, even if they aren’t so conventional.

While Stefan is watching over Caroline, he’s dropping the ball on Sara. Enzo is working his way into the young Salvatore’s life and wants to destroy her. And Matt is trapped being Enzo’s right hand man.

Why doesn’t anyone ever notice when Matt is missing? They are all back in Mystic Falls too. Elena and Caroline were planning a birthday party to celebrate Bonnie, you would have thought he would have been attending.

Next Thursday we will say farewell to Jeremy. Take a look at the preview and prepare your goodbyes:


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