Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 10

The results of the test required the big gun, not the little gun.

The results of the test required the big gun, not the little gun.

When Arizona wouldn’t tell April and Jackson their results, I knew this situation called for the big gun, and it was bad news.

Jackson wanted to prepare for that moment. He wanted to be ready in case their baby was a stage two.

Religion has been a problem for Jackson and April before and I think it will play a big role now too. If they decide to keep the baby because of April’s beliefs, they will have to go through the agonizing pain of watching their baby die and probably not being able to hold him. This will certainly leave a mark on both of them. If they choose to terminate the pregnancy, then April will probably resent Jackson for it.

No matter what choice they make, their relationship will be left in a very fragile state. Is this something they can push through? I don’t know, but if April’s mother continues to interfere, they probably won’t make it.

It was great that her mother came, but it didn’t end up being helpful. Jackson wants to talk to his wife about what to do and April’s mother is telling him what they will do. April couldn’t take it any more and broke down screaming at them to shut up. April never wanted to face an outcome of stage two, so what will she do now?

Callie and Owen wonder if they will ever be happy a gain.

Callie and Owen wonder if they will ever be happy again.

Callie was was faced with something she wasn’t ready to as well. Since she’s been single again, I don’t think she’s ever thought about getting back out there. So much so that her gaydar was way off. She thought the sexy tech rep was flirting with Owen, when really she was flirting with her, but neither one of them were interested.

Callie’s worried if they’ve used up all their happy. Neither are ready to move on, but they don’t know what the future holds either.

Owen went down to the basement and remembered his and Cristina’s time together down there, and suddenly realized he was alone.

Owen isn’t the only one feeling alone, Meredith is trying to figure out how to sleep alone again.

Amelia told Meredith she was like some kind of weird middle spoon between Cristina and Derek. She said she’s never met a less alone person than how Meredith use to be.

It’s very true though. And now Alex has stepped up to the plate to be her new person, but he doesn’t know how it works yet. Meredith told him about ‘pause’. Alex claimed that Jo doesn’t pause, but by the end of the episode, Jo was pausing for Stephanie. After that moment I really wanted to see Alex pause. Maybe we will soon.

Though Maggie could end up being her person too. As Meredith looked at her 3D tumor in bed, she called Maggie. It should be interesting to see these two sisters get closer. Maggie said that she’s too good at being alone. She lost a potential husband because she refused to spoon and cuddle and now he’s married to someone who loves to spoon and cuddle.

Bailey and Amelia also had perspectives about sleeping alone. Bailey said she would probably kill Ben if he was home more because he snores and Amelia misses sleeping next to a guy.

Meredith said: “Maybe I could print a Derek, just for sleeping.”

It was such a great scene with this ladies just talking about sleeping alone vs. not sleeping alone. We’ve seen a lot of Bailey and Meredith, but it was nice to see Amelia and Maggie settling in with the other doctors.

Meredith, Bailey and Maggie wait for their tumor to print.

Meredith, Bailey and Maggie wait for their tumor to print.

Meredith had a big case to distract herself from missing Derek. A routine operation turned into a huge, fast growing tumor.

She decided to print the tumor so she could figure out how to get rid of it and that’s exactly what they did, only took ten hours.

It was a very exciting case and it got Meredith and Maggie working together again and Bailey working with them too. When Meredith tackles big cases like this, you stop and think, it’s amazing how far that young intern has come.

These three ladies weren’t the only ones with a huge tumor to tackle. Amelia is studying Dr. Herman’s tumor very carefully. Richard thought it was a great opportunity for the residents to learn, only they didn’t understand what she was doing at all.

Richard said: “you think so fast it made ‘my’ eyes spin.”

She was talking really fast explaining the approach to the residents. It was such a complex procedure they couldn’t keep up.

What Amelia said finally clicked with Stephanie though. Little Shepherd was just saying she felt alone and afraid because no one else understood what she was doing. Now she has an ally.

While Amelia is working hard to get rid of Dr. Herman’s tumor, Dr. Herman is working quickly to save as many babies as possible and pass on her wisdom to Arizona.

Everyone is working on such a tight timeline. Can Dr. Herman and Arizona save all those babies and can Amelia pull off this crazy surgery that every other surgeon said can’t be done?

Next week April and Jackson are hoping for a miracle, that only the doctors of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ can provide. Take a look at the preview:


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