Nashville Season 3 Episode 11

Sadie worked through the pain while writing a song.

Sadie worked through the pain while writing a song.

Everyone was having a very hard day on ‘Nashville’.

Rayna called off the wedding and was dealing with the fallout, Luke was ver angry at Rayna and Maddie and Daphnie were mad at her too. Gunnar lost Micah, Saide was feeling scared, Layla was recovering from overdosing and Will was dealing with being the cause of Layla’s depression. Jeff was scrambling to make sure a scandal didn’t break out after the party, particularly with Layla. Deacon found out he has cancer and Scarlett is trying to do everything she can to save him. Avery and Juliette’s first marital spat seems like nothing compared to what everyone else was going through.

Everyone seemed to end the episode in a better place though, mostly.

The moment Deacon and Rayna fans have been waiting for came, Rayna told him she’s still in love with him, she just needs time. If only Deacon had time. I understand Deacon not wanting to tell Rayna he has cancer, because he doesn’t want to her to still have to take care of him. But it’s more complicated than that. They share a daughter together and Maddie deserves to know and Rayna needs to know before he tells Maddie.

Rayna is still hurting from her very tough day. Who knows how it will affect her career and she still has to deal with her kids being mad at her. She just couldn’t please anyone.

The happily married couple.

The happily married couple.

Deacon is in a much worse state though. His time is limited for finding a donor and if he can’t, the prospects don’t sound good. I don’t think Scarlett is handing this very well. She’s closer to Deacon than anyone and they’ve really become a team. I don’t think they would know what to do without each other.

Layla got her wish, she gets to be free from Will. And Jeff may actually care for her. At first it seemed he was just scrambling for himself, but as he sat there and watched her sleep, I thought maybe he actually has a heart.

Gunnar didn’t know how to tell Micah that he wasn’t his dad. He never actually lied to him. He just didn’t know. And how do you tell a little boy that? I thought Gunnar handled it really well, especially since it was after finding out that his brother betrayed him.

This was just too perfect!

This was just too perfect! “The perfect spot for our most comfortable chair. – xo Juliette”

Sadie probably had one of the toughest days. She spent the day terrified. But by the end of the day she found her strength and she’s going to press charges. This was really great for her character. She spent almost the entire episode by herself.  We really got a lot of insight into who Sadie is. She had told her ex that she wasn’t the same person anymore, but it seemed like she reverted back to that person at first, but who could blame her? It took a day of soul searching and song writing to fight back.

One of the most surprising things was how Rayna and Luke’s kids were handling the break-up. They spent the evening together. Teddy didn’t think that was a good idea, but I thought it was a great idea. They were able to put their parents issues aside and still be friends. They are all hurting at the moment, why can’t they hurt together? Sadly it seems that the kids are stronger than a lot of the adults at the moment.

Next week will Deacon tell Rayna he has cancer? Take a look at the preview:


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