Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 13

Gabby get's caught as the arsonist's next victim.

Gabby get’s caught as the arsonist’s next victim.

Intelligence took a pretty interesting method in getting their man this week.

Voight said they needed to get under the suspect’s skin. Which they never really did. This guy was smart. He taunted them with what he knew the police already knew, but didn’t say enough to be confessing to anything.

Whatever you want to call the man, Adrian Gish, Ross McGowan or Trenton Lemonte, he was a career arsonist and had been getting away with it for a very longtime.

Intelligence got this case because Antonio’s sister, Gabby, called up her brother and asked him for help. Her partner, Shay, had been killed in a fire and her and Kelly found evidence proving it was arson. Unfortunately, the Fire Department decided not to pursue the prime suspect, Gish. While they were investigating they found that Gish was also responsible for a fire that Mills’ father was killed in and the Chief was burned in. Over all there was a big desire to get justice.

This is where Intelligence came in. If anyone can catch the bad guy, they can.

Getting under the man’s skin didn’t work as well as they hoped. Burgess and Roman’s squad car was blown up. Burgess wanted to follow Gish into the bathroom, but Roman said he left his phone so he would be back. He was back, but not before planting something in their car. Roman was definitely not on the top of his game this week.

Gish even enjoyed being followed. He went into a convenience store, picked up a lot of fire accelerants and walked up to the register. The other one was free and the cashier called Gish over, but he said he would wait. It turns on the cashier had been in a fire and you can only assume it was one that Gish set. After the conversation, Gish said he changed his mind on the merchandise.

The one thing that did work was following the trail of evidence. Alvin and Ruzek spoke to Gish’s boss and found out what college he attended. Then Erin and Jay spoke to one of his old professors and found out Gish wasn’t his real name. The real Gish died in an office fire.

Gish’s lawyer turned up and claimed Gish had his name changed from McGowan, but when Chief Wallace Boden heared the name he got angry. Apparently McGowan died in the same fire Mills’ father did and the Chief was burned in. So once again they had a false name.

The convenience store also shared some light on Gish’s past. He was burned on his arm. Erin took the conclusion that he was in a horrible fire when he was young and that set him off. That was true. They figured out which fire and went to his old home. The home was never re-built, but Gish had a house right next to it. They barged in, found pictures of Gabby and found a fake text to her.

It was a really close call saving Gabby. Antonio shot the man, but the lighter dropped. There was a moment when you didn’t breathe and then she caught the lighter and closed it.

Elsewhere in the episode, Platt was getting observed for a newspaper article, but when Burgess confronted her about being so nice, she claimed she was being observed because of a complaint against her. Burgess being the sweet girl that she is, told the reporter how great Platt is. Next thing she knows she’s quoted on the front page and is not happy about it at all.

I wasn’t enjoying Platt acting so polite, but her deception paid off in the end. The look on Burgess’ face was priceless.

How good is Erin's mom's lead?

How good is Erin’s mom’s lead?

So Erin still wants to continue things with her and Jay. Jay replied: ” I don’t know. I’m not really a sneak-around behind dad’s back kind of guy.”

Erin: “Says the guy that works undercover.”

Then Jay got serious and said he wanted to come clean to Voight, something Erin was not prepared to do.

After the case was closed we got another nice Linstead scene where they were getting hot and heavy again. So their sneaking around begins.

We got a little bit of a cliffhanger this week. Erin’s mom called her out of the blue and of course Erin was concerned, she’s expecting the worst. Her mother no longer works at the bar and is working at a truck rental place. She suspects a repeat customer of murder. Does she have any sense when it comes to crime or is she giving Erin a bad lead?

Next week Intelligence will track down this lead and it leads right back to her mother. Take a look at the preview:

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