Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12

Dean turns up Taylor Swift!

Dean turns up Taylor Swift!

I’ve always loved how ‘Supernatural’ will air a funny episode after so many intense ones. This episode was exceptionally good.

I wasn’t so sure about the preview. I never like when main characters turn into to someone else and we don’t get to see that actor, but Dylan Everett (‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’) was really good at playing Dean.

He sounded a lot like him with the lines: “next thing I know I wake up looking like Bieber,” “we get to barbecue a celebrity, cool.” And also serious lines like, “If it’s between being a psycho rage monster/borderline demon or a teenage, well….”

The most priceless moment came when Jensen Ackles was back. While Dean was 14 him, he found a love for Taylor Swift and that apparently stayed with him when he got turned back. Taylor, ‘Shake it Off’, was playing when Dean turned on the car and there was an awkward moment, then he turned it up and sped off. Sam had this very worried look on his face. Dean had just finished saying, “‘I’m back baby.” Dean may have been adult him, but he wasn’t the same Dean. I mean we’ve only ever heard him listen to classic rock.

There wasn’t too many serious moments in the episode. I mean they had to defeat Hansel and the witch, but there was mostly funny moment after funny moment.

Hensel told the boys that he wasn’t a witch, that he just worked for one. He said that him and his sister, Gretel, tried to escape and the witch made him eat her heart.

Sam and Dean were confused, seeing as the version of the story they know is a lot more cheery.

Hensel replied: “It was based on a true story, they just gave it a happy ending.”

Hensel’s best line was “if you’re going to fry that candy-coated bitch, I want in.”

Hensel played them though, and attacked Sam after he brought them to the witch. She said she didn’t have to make Hensel eat his sister’s heart.

Things started to really get interesting when they met the witch. She spoke a lot about how much easier it use to be to take children. These days there are amber alerts and milk cartons.

She told the boys she was in the U.S. on business. Apparently some witch was causing trouble for the Grand Coven. And wouldn’t you know, Sam and Dean have met this witch before, Rowena, Crowley’s mother.

There was once a time when a case was just a case for the Winchesters, but so many times now, cases wrap back around to current enemies. I guess that’s what happens when you have been hunting as long as them.

Next week Sam and Dean enter new territory. There have been movies about the internet being haunted or ghosts that communicate through the internet, but the Winchesters have yet to discover that happening, until now. Take a look at the preview:

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