Debra Mooney is the Perfect Grandmother Wolf

Debra Mooney went from playing a grandmother on 'Everwood' to playing wolf grandmother on 'The Originals'.

Debra Mooney went from playing a grandmother on ‘Everwood’, to playing wolf grandmother on ‘The Originals’.

If you were an ‘Everwood’ fan, you were probably very excited to see Debora Mooney in last week’s episode of ‘The Originals’. You’ll remember her as Amy’s brash grandmother. It made complete sense to cast Debra as a wolf on ‘The Originals’, especially an elder wolf. She was made for this role.

According to TVLine, the character she plays, Mary, is “a ‘tough, no-nonsense’ werewolf who will do quite literally anything to ensure the safety of her pack.”

Debra had a brief appearance in episode 11 last week and returned this week where she met Klaus and didn’t seem afraid of him one bit.

TVLine also reported that the actress has been cast for a reoccurring role, which hopefully means we will be seeing more of Mary.

Edna Harper was one of my favorite characters on ‘Everwood’. She was a tough woman who had been to war and lost her husband. She loved her grandchildren very much and was particularly close to Amy. Amy learned a lot from Edna and lived with her for a short time.

Edna was such a great character. She was tough, but she also had emotional scars too. There was such great character development with her.

Once again Debra is playing a grandmother, but a very different kind of grandmother.

The ‘Everwood’ star is no stranger to TV. She most recently had a reoccurring role on ‘Scandal’. She played Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton. This character also had a lot of depth to her. It makes me wonder where the writers could go with her character Mary. She certainly has the talent to really delve into the werewolf world. She could be an amazing influence for the wolves and be a pain for Klaus.

It would also be nice to have some adult influencers on ‘The Originals’, like there is on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Sheriff Liz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) has been like a mother figure to all of the characters on ‘TVD’. Alaric (Matthew Davis) has also been a surrogate parent to Elena and Jeremy. Of course the vampires of ‘The Originals’ are 1000 years old, so there really isn’t any influencing them now, but the wolves could use their own Liz and Alaric.

She has also guest starred on ‘The Practice’, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Boston Legal’, ‘Roseanne’ and many, many more.

I really hope Debra will stick around the bayou for a while.


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