State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11

The President has her game face on and is ready to take out the enemy.

The President has her game face on and is ready to take out the enemy.

We are eleven episodes in now and they finally have eyes on Fatah and Harkam and are about to take them out, but will the mission succeed? If both terrorists who have been driving the storyline are taken out, what’s next?

Maybe the mission will be a success. ‘State of Affairs’ has been rapidly changing since it began. It first started with Charlie in a state of denial, drinking her sorrows away. She couldn’t remember what had happened to her fiancé and was hiding what little she did remember from Payton.

Then she discovered Fatah did indeed kill Aaron, but he was also her asset. This has led us to Nick working with Fatah to get to Harkam. Could there be another turn in the story?

There is still the impending threat to deal with as well. They have no idea where or when. They got to Professors Ahmadi’s place too late. The vests were gone and he shot himself as they were bursting through the door. They had him in their grasps before, but couldn’t find any evidence to hold him.

I think Charlie finding leads wherever she can is working. She was right to contact the foster family that Kenneth felt closest too. He had contacted his foster mother and that led Charlie and Lucas straight to him. They may not have found out the exact threat, but at least they know there is one.

Kenneth said, “No single man knows everything, so no single weakness may bring Ar Rissalah down.”

Their one last hope is taking out Harkam before he gives the order.

Will Nick be coming home from this operation? He’s pretty thick into it and Payton certainly isn’t concerned about bringing him back home, only Charlie. I want to say that he’ll be sticking around, but the way shows these days kill off their characters, there is no way in really knowing.

David and Payton are really bumping heads. He’s more concerned about her image than she is and she’s more concerned about the mission than he is. She was all set to do the interview, then Charlie called with the good news, they were 60 minutes away from having Harkam in their sights. So she doesn’t turn up for the interview and gets ready to take out the two biggest terrorists. If she succeeds, she’ll be a hero. If she fails, then she will have to deal with the backlash of missing the interview and maybe the operation being blown.

While Charlie, Payton and Nick work on killing the two most wanted men, Syd is working for the infamous private security firm, but he still has Charlie’s best interests at heart. And Gantry is using her against him. Gantry won’t let Syd out of the operation and said, “the only way you can protect Charleston Tucker, is to remain operational. End of story.”

So what was Syd doing following Nick? How much does Gantry know? How is he using Kurt to complete his endgame? What is his endgame?

Kurt is enjoying himself a little too much at his new job. How long will it be till he betrays his friends at the agency?

Next week the airstrike is being sent in, but Nick is still there and Payton has no plans on getting him out. Take a look at the preview:


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