My Top 6 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

As you will probably notice, the running theme through my favorite Super Bowl commercials is animals. You can’t lose when you put an animal in your commercial.

The other thing I always notice about commercials during the Super Bowl is that they don’t always relate back to the product they are selling, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. For me it’s my favorite part of the game, well the commercials and the half-time show.

Here are my favorite Super Bowl Commercials:

6. Bud Light
I’m a big fan of the old Pac-Man video game, so this commercial immediately caught my eye. It would be so much fun to play a live action game of Pac-Man!

5. Avocados from Mexico
It’s just funny how everyone is so happy the avocado is drafted.

4. Mercedes Benz
I’ve always loved the Tortoise and the Hare fairy tale. I especially love that in this ad that the tortoise uses the mercedes to beat the hare!

3. BMW
It’s hard to remember first embracing the internet. I’m sure a lot of us were just like Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric and with new technologies constantly coming out, we’ll continue to figure them out. It’s a good thing we all aren’t recorded as we discover new technologies.

2. #LikeAGirl
I’ve liked the other #LikeAGirl commercials too and I think it’s an important message to girls of all ages.

1. Budweiser 
How can you not love this lost puppy. I dare you not to get teary eyed in this commercial.

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