The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 12

The big merge finally happened, but with a big surprise.

The big merge finally happened, but with a big surprise.

For a moment I thought Sheriff Forbes was really gone. We knew it was coming, but even when it appeared to be so, I wasn’t ready for it. Then just as we were settling into the fact that she was gone, she woke up, but I don’t think she’s a vampire, but how did she wake up?

There are very few people Damon cares about and Liz Forbes is one of them. For anyone who says Damon doesn’t have a heart, they would be wrong. He cares strongly for certain people and takes big risks to save them. This was a particularly big risk. He let Kai out to siphon the magic out of Liz. Not entirely a bad idea, but Kai is still a psycho. Was it Damon’s plan to let Liv and Luke merge or did he have something else up his sleeve?

No one could have saw Luke merging with Kai. Luke didn’t know if it would even work, let alone if he would beat his brother. Did Luke believe he was powerful enough to overcome Kai or was he just desperately trying not to kill his sister?

I liked Luke. Granted he got in the way a lot when Liv was trying to help the vampires, but I liked him. I didn’t expect him to die so soon. There’s been a lot of merge talk, but I also didn’t expect it to happen soon.

Now Kai is more powerful than ever and will be the new leader of the Gemini coven. What will he have in store for his family? What will he have in store for Elena and Damon? They’ve come up against some pretty powerful enemies in that past and Kai is more powerful than any of them. At leas he is now, because Luke was a powerful guy. Does this mean Kai can still steal magic, now that’s a scary thought.

I think Caroline is the strongest of her friends. Stefan, Elena and Damon have all turned their emotions off at some point, not that Caroline can’t join them, but for now she has yet to give up. Even now with her mother dying and her making Liz worse, she resorts to doing something she can control, planning the funeral. Not that planning a funeral for your mother, who hasn’t died yet, is what she should have been doing, but dealing with that much grief as a human is hard enough. As a vampire it must be very painful. The point is she could have turned it all off and she didn’t.

Though the hard times aren’t done yet and Stefan will need to be there for Caroline. Sheriff Forbes made him promise.

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

There were great scenes between Caroline and her mother and Caroline and Stefan this week. I love Caroline and I like that this storyline gives Candice Accola a lot to work with. She’s trying to deal with her mother dying and whatever there is between her and Stefan is growing with each episode. It’s really great to watch.

And finally Elena and Damon kissed. It turns out just getting to know Damon again and almost losing Liz, made her realize how she felt.

For the last thing, when are we going to get back to saving Bonnie?

Apparently that will be next week. While Bonnie is on the verge of breaking, everyone scrambles to save her before it’s too late. Take a look at the promo:


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