Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 9

April loses her faith.

April loses her faith.

We picked up exactly where we left off, with Meredith watching Derek leave. Derek packed his bag and went straight to the airport and Meredith threw away their marriage post note. And as we watched the present, we saw them put their vows on post it in the past. It was a very heart breaking moment, but then Meredith seemed like she was absolutely fine. She interviewed a nanny and went right into surgery, like nothing was wrong. It wasn’t until she sat down and she let it sink in what had happened, that she finally fell apart.

Meredith wasn’t the only one in denial in this episode. April was very much in denial. She can say all she wants that what she needed was to have something she could fix, but no one should be in surgery after they find out their baby has no hope. Meredith was starting to find a little hope in her relationship, but April broke down and lost her faith in the process. Can she find her faith again?

Meredith gains some faith back in her relationship.

Meredith gains some faith back in her relationship.

Dr. Herman was also very much in denial. She had given up all hope and hated Arizona for giving her a glimmer of hope again. But choosing to wait and not let Amelia operate right away is a bad idea. I know she’s desperate to pass on her knowledge, but what about living? Meredith and April finally let their tragedies sink in, but Dr. Herman is still very much in denial.

I absolutely love Bailey. While she wasn’t in this episode very much, she still had some great moments on screen. She desperately tried to get the boy to give her his parents information. Bailey was so frustrated. Then she gave the boy some tough love and he broke. She’s always been great at the tough love. As Alex said, she’s been bugging him and keeping on top of him since the beginning. He says it’s annoying, but nice. But it was also nice seeing Alex tell Bailey it was his call. Everyone has come such a long way. I still remember the first day of their internship and it’s almost hard to believe how far they’ve all come.

Next week Jackson and April will prepare for the test results that will determine their future. Take a look at the preview:


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