Showrunner Julie Plec Making Directorial Debut

mrsDevilos |

mrsDevilos |

It only took six seasons, but showrunner Julie Plec is now making her directorial debut on ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she waited so long because she never wanted to direct before.

“I was convinced I would be dreadful at it,” Julie told EW. “I directed a school musical in college and it was being so terrible at directing that made me realize I was such a good producer and that put me on my first career path. [Laughs] Then I had to remind myself that I also thought I would absolutely positively never be a writer because I thought I was a terrible writer for years.”

She also said that she tried writing and found out she actually was good at it. Or “at least intermittently good.”

Julie feels that after all of her years of producing she’s prepared for directing now, EW reported.

She told EW that in television the showrunner gets to call the shots. They choose casting, hair and make-up, art direction and they edit each episode. She also said the producer talks through each scene with the director “in terms of what you want for tone and character journeys and emotion and sometimes even lenses and shots and how you want the camera to move. You can be that specific when you’re collaborating with the director.”

She spoke with the producers and some of the actors about taking on directing.

“Everybody seemed really excited to see what I could do behind the camera. So I’m gonna dive in and see how it goes,” she told EW.

Julie seemed to ease right into the director’s chair.

According to Wetpaint, Candice Accola (Caroline Frobes) took to Instagram posting a picture of herself with Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) and Julie on Julie’s first day directing:

“Girls hang on set with bad ass executive producer, writer, & DIRECTOR @julieplec! #girlpower.”

Julie also tweeted after she finished directing the episode: “For the record, directing is ridiculously awesome.”

According to Wetpaint, Julie directed  “Let Her Go”, season six, episode 15 and she also wrote the episode.


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